The Spoonbill Generator

A Particularly Contemporary Procedure

Particularly pleasing was the scent of new-mown hay [TG]

That wafted from the cleavage of the Queen [Roland]

She'd download her snout, [Stacy]

And frequently go out: [The Agent Apsley]

And there was nothing much left to say. [Stacy]

But on my mind she'll stay, [Amanda]

Particularly partial was the Queen to new-born lamb [TG]

That bleated from the meadows to the pit, [Stacy]

She'd damn her own gout [Roland]

Before she went out, [Stacy]

And there was nothing much right to say. [Sasquatch]

But in that time we'll stay, [Sasquatch]

Particularly rancid was the stench of putrid flesh [kent]

Resulting from the cleavage of the lamb [Roland]

Reminiscent of SPAM, [Stacy]

She let the door slam [TG]

she ran without a rage, playing along [anthony perros]

And she knew in her heart it was utterly wrong [P]

Particularly spiteful were the games we played as boys [TG]

Each drawing on his repertoire of guile [Roland]

Heaped up in a pile [The Agent Apsley]

And tossing about in the latest style. [Stacy]

Contributors: TG, Roland, Stacy, The Agent Apsley, Amanda, Sasquatch, kent, anthony perros, P.
Poem finished: 4th November 1997.