The Spoonbill Generator

Possible Idolaters in a Black Throat

In all my vast concerns [Roland]

I never once considered this: [P]

By painting my incisors [Roland]

I would lose the promised kiss [P]

Which, in my fevered nightmare [Roland]

Which caused me countless turns [TG]

Daunted early-risers [Roland]

In all my earthly trials [P]

I never once remembered Jane [TG]

Who used to draw the water [Roland]

And pour it down the drain [P]

Which, in my favourite daydream [Roland]

The fruit of sundry phials [TG]

Purchased from the porter, [Roland]

In all my time in jail [P]

I never once betrayed my fist [Roland]

Or lost my strong conviction [P]

As I struggled to resist [Roland]

That my strange hallucination [P]

Neither fresh nor stale [Roland]

Would bring my dereliction [P]

In all my darkest hours [TG]

I never once resigned my post [P]

Despite a failed delivery [Roland]

To a most ungracious ghost [P]

Of four-and-twenty blackouts [Roland]

And sundry whisky sours [TG]

That left me pale and shivery [Roland]

In all my fondest hopes [P]

I never once believed I'd win [TG]

But, lo! the bleak Andromeda [Linda]

Has beckoned nightfall in [TG]

Now all across the welkin [Roland]

The stars are tied with ropes [P]

To tap the night's barometer [TG]

In all, such blind despair [Roland]

I never once forsook before [P]

I nestled here; and, if I might [Roland]

Have closed the mind's front door [TG]

Against the winds of folly [Roland]

And the terrors of the chair [P]

Too steep for human sight [Roland]

In all, my life now seems [TG]

A never-ending Hymn of Joy [Roland]

As I sit here, untended [TG]

Still neither man nor boy [Roland]

Surrounded by the noises [P]

And the echoes of such dreams [Roland]

As Sibyl had portended [TG]

Contributors: Roland, P, TG, Linda.
Poem finished: 31st October 1997.