The Spoonbill Generator

Yes, Longer

Now the tyrant knows the truth [P]

Let the flags be furled away [Roland]

Let the trumpets cry "Forsooth!" [P]

Let the Prophets have their say [Roland]

Forgetting there's a price to pay [P]

For draining the Vermouth [Roland]

Now the tyrant's shown his wrath [P]

He's stomped his foot three times, [Stacy]

Crack'd, the paving of his path! [Roland]

Now he sends for Captain Vimes [TG]

Saboteur of pickled limes [Roland]

Guardian of the regal bath [P]

Now the tyrant's bared his teeth [Roland]

And bitten off the head of state [P]

He's thrown it to the depths of sharks, [Stacy]

Those whom tide and tide berate [Roland]

The queen of hearts cannot be late! [Stacy]

Notwithstanding such remarks [Roland]

Now the tyrant's bared his soul: [P]

Now he's peeled his armour back [Roland]

To reveal to us his enormous crack, [Stacy]

And all that's lurking underneath [TG]

all his evils so to speak [kelsey day]

Subsumed within the grotesque whole [TG]

Now the tyrant's gone to sleep, [Stacy]

Now his intellect's at bay [Woeful]

As his eunuchs softly weep [TG]

about their rotten day. [Stacy]

Now the cauldron's full of pitch [The Agent Apsley]

and the night is churning black, [Stacy]

All creation starts to itch [Roland]

Seeking the unknowing knack [TG]

Now the fodders in the shaw [Stacy]

Now the world's at peace once more [TG]

Contributors: P, Roland, Stacy, TG, kelsey day, Woeful, The Agent Apsley.
Poem finished: 7th October 1997.