The Spoonbill Generator

Ornamental William Golding Glimmmers in Void

Pretty, pretty hermit [Roland]

In the compost heap [Bop]

Who could ever fathom [P]

Half the depths of sleep? [Roland]

Who could reckon kisses? [TG]

Osculations cheap? [Roland]

Hollow, hollow verses [KD]

Spinning through the void [Roland]

Who could ever scan them? [TG]

Where is skill deployed? [Roland]

Who could count the spaces? [TG]

Which we must avoid? [P]

Motley, motley wormcasts [Roland]

Oozing from the mire [TG]

Who compos'd their anthem [Roland]

For the charismatic choir [P]

Who could scry the masses? [TG]

Who could spot the spire? [Roland]

Tiny, tiny candle [P]

Halfway down my throat [Roland]

Who gave you the rhythm? [P]

Who taught you to float? [Stacy]

Who could stand the spices? [Roland]

Who knows where to vote? [TG]

Slender, slender margin [Roland]

In the notebooks of the rich [P]

Who invented Autumn? [Roland]

Who has queered the pitch? [P]

Who can square the forces [Roland]

Wielded by the stubborn witch [P]

Tawdry, tawdry mistress, [Stacy]

Limp and half-aware [Roland]

There you go all hallowed, [Stacy]

And still the crowd all stare [P]

Counting wins as losses [Roland]

Tossing caution to the wind, [Stacy]

And though the crowd knows how you've sinned, it really doesn't care. [TG]

Contributors: Roland, Bop, P, TG, KD, Stacy.
Poem finished: 27th September 1997.