The Spoonbill Generator

The Pan Holds Mixed Croutons

The doctrine of a shining spoon [Roland]

The tenets of the saintly moon [P]

A pepper of the prickling stars, [Stacy]

Persuaded [Roland]

The doctor of the heart's disease [TG]

The patina on pilgrims' knees [Roland]

To mind his P's and Q's and R's [Bop]

As they did [P]

smoking green cigars [Anon.]

In crimson Jaguars [Roland]

The denizens of countless bars [TG]

(their brollies left in tramway cars) [Roland]

gets their intestants ripped out through the arse [Some call me.. Tim]

Thus raided! [Roland]

The force has doctored all receipts [TG]

And, at the sheep-dip, countless bleats [Roland]

Betoken countless bell-shaped jars [TG]

Evaded [P]

Smirking grins upset [Roland]

The pirates of Tibet [P]

The timeless recipe for clocks [Roland]

Requires a hundredweight of socks [P]

To sink, unnoticed, in the docks [Roland]

Ungraded [P]

The vital toll, till now unspent [Roland]

A cause for yet one more lament, [P]

And drifting vapour, heaven-sent [Roland]

But jaded [P]

Smiting grim sedans [Roland]

Delights the waiting fans [P]

Who hate the also-rans [TG]

Who stole the Papal plans [Roland]

To change the Isle of Man's [P]

Identity, unaided [TG]

Contributors: Roland, P, Stacy, TG, Bop, Anon., Some call me.. Tim.
Poem finished: 18th September 1997.