The Spoonbill Generator

Highgate Hopeful

As we crested the brow of the ultimate hill [TG]

I ran into Madge and her fat budgie, Bill, [Stacy]

"Lor' lumme," I wheezed,"'E's not 'arf lookin' ill." [Roland]

But Bill was as sanguine as winter is long [P]

His tail was robust and his sternum was strong [Roland]

" 'E's 'ealthy", Madge sighed, "but 'e doesn't 'arf pong" [TG]

The vista before us was swathed in a fog [Roland]

We sat arm in arm on the side of a log [TG]

'Til Bill said to Madge he was "Off t'the bog" [Roland]

"No time like t' present" he trilled as he went [TG]

Leaving no spoor on the baking cement [Roland]

I'll give you this ring if you'll give me a buck [Stacy]

"No such luck," she replied, and that's what she meant. [Bop]

That's what she meant when she said, "No such luck". [Roland]

It's now twenty years since we met on that hill [P]

Madge and her budgie are sitting there still [Roland]

The ultimate way to express their free will [TG]

They take tea at four and tennis at six, [Stacy]

(They've built a small sauna from lichen and sticks) [Roland]

And make a small living by polishing bricks [P]

Their live is a whirl in the midst of the war, [Stacy]

Their door is ajar and their jar is a door [Roland]

They've no need for answers, they know what life's for [TG]

Contributors: TG, Stacy, Roland, P, Bop.
Poem finished: 10th September 1997.