The Spoonbill Generator

Your Gerbils, My Hotelier

Before I sensed this vacuum [Roland]

I knew, as if unbidden, [TG]

That the infested back-room [Roland]

Where all the suns are hidden [TG]

Might never catch alight [Roland]

Might never glow unending [The Agent Apsley]

Then, when the truth was dawning [Roland]

I felt, as if awoken, [TG]

Each cobweb's grimy yawning [Roland]

But what could this betoken? [TG]

Though all the world were bright, [Roland]

Though all the suns were blending [TG]

What suture-cracking club [Roland]

I'd joined, as if anointed [TG]

With some narcotic rub [Roland]

As well I'm double-jointed [TG]

I feared, as well one might [Roland]

The message I was sending [TG]

Between all voids, impassive [Roland]

I spun, as if unfettered [TG]

Despite mine anchor, massive [Roland]

My spin could not be bettered [TG]

Both to the left and to the right [Roland]

I saw that space was bending [P]

A stitch in time of famine [Roland]

To sow the fields with hunger [P]

Which epicures examine [Roland]

In search of costermonger [TG]

Or cutest catamite [Roland]

Whose litter needed tending [TG]

Will save the nineteen Muses [Roland]

I know, don't ask the reason [TG]

But your apathy refuses [P]

To sell me salt in season [TG]

Or to cure my lack of sight [P]

Or save my soul from rending [TG]

Contributors: Roland, TG, The Agent Apsley, P.
Poem finished: 29th August 1997.