The Spoonbill Generator

Never Once Promising To Underestimate Buns

Over the choppy leather line [Roland]

He skates on blades of malice [TG]

Mocking the sentry's wolverine [Roland]

While impersonating Alice. [Stacy]

Never a backward glance he wastes [Roland]

Speeding off to Chelsea, [Stacy]

Mocking the sergeant's outre tastes [TG]

Who paid the bill at Selsey. [Roland]

Still he rushes ever on [TG]

Silver wake all foaming [Roland]

Mocking the sailor's cousin John [TG]

Entranced by mermaids' combing [Roland]

But if he ever weasels by [Simon]

Between the sheets unending [Roland]

Mocking at me, he'll find that I [TG]

Have several patents pending [Roland]

I'll sue him for his nether teeth [TG]

His cactus, his shillelagh [Roland]

He'll find at last that underneath [TG]

I really dress quite gaily [Roland]

He'll find that I'm a ruffian [The Agent Apsley]

Copanion to the Capo [TG]

I'll have him beaten with a cat, [Stacy]

And tatoo him him with a map o' [P]

Portland Bill, that septic aisle [TG]

keeps lagging our endeavors, [Stacy]

I'll have him screaming all the while: [TG]

I'm dressed in patent leathers. [Stacy]

Contributors: Roland, TG, Stacy, Simon, The Agent Apsley, P.
Poem finished: 29th August 1997.