The Spoonbill Generator

Why Force Can Rescue Folly

Feeling queasy, turning green [Linda]

I set my course for the Southern Cross [TG]

Groping for Jerome's quinine [Linda]

I looked at life as total loss. [Stacy]

But illness passes like grey satin cirrus 'cross the drape of night [lucretia]

Lustrous health shines out of the mirrors when we first reshape our sight. [Roland]

Ever turning, never safe [TG]

I set my course for the Great North Road [Roland]

Stealing glances afraid of a gafe [Mr. Moody]

I looked at life as a truck-squashed toad [TG]

But gloom fades out like cumulo-nimbus cowering from the rays [Roland]

And radiant joy infuses our hearts as we think of coming days [TG]

Squeezing earthwards, turning home [Roland]

I set my course for the danger zone [Kent]

Clutching my magnetic gnome [Roland]

L okkked at life as a short-term loan [TG]

Yet every slice of mackerel sky is swallowed by the dusk [Roland]

And joy bursts forth from gloom's dark shade as corn escapes from husk [TG]

Sniffing myself, lifting a leg [Little Joe]

I set no store by the Western Mail [Roland]

I do not care what Dashiel thinks, [Stacy]

But, like the Titanic, all hope sinks. [Kent]

And when the anticyclone's done, we cast about for ease [Roland]

And rapture fills our hearts as when the palms embrace the breeze [TG]

Contributors: Linda, TG, Stacy, lucretia, Roland, Mr. Moody, Kent, Little Joe.
Poem finished: 28th June 1997.