The Spoonbill Generator

Mudwoman, repent!

Life for a girl is a sensual map [Clanoire]

Leading to palaces filled with delights [TG]

Palaces dreamed of by many a chap [Roland]

Hoping to enter without a mishap [TG]

Once one has slackened the tights! [Loaf]

But alas! a smart girl remembers her choices, [Stacy]

then denies her part in the whole charade [lucretia]

Blood Drawn Tears, carve your absence in to my memory [Jamie]

Fret channels across my facade [Roland]

What came beforehand will surely return [TG]

Trailing its tail, but with horns to the stars [Roland]

Signalling pathways to maidens who yearn [TG]

Craving translation from Venus to Mars [Roland]

But Alas! So few girls will choose to recall [TG]

Symbols and signs from the National Grid [Roland]

Signalling pathways to sensory call [TG]

Exposing the ego to lies from the id. [Roland]

Start down the path with a spring in your step [TG]

Summarise all that remains to be seen [Roland]

Remember the piggies who call themselves men, [Stacy]

Forget all the brutes that you might once have been [Roland]

Contributors: Clanoire, TG, Roland, Loaf, Stacy, lucretia, Jamie.
Poem finished: 28th June 1997.