The Spoonbill Generator

Toxic Fishpudding Blues

Blue notes pour from the sax in the corner

'The Prince' of jazz is here

Must be just past midnight cause

Louis has no fear!

Spotlights gleam in the bartender's glasses

Bottles roll and blur

Whispers fade like dollar bills

Cocktails start to stir

The vibes chime out their music

In every shade of blues,

Lester's blowin' pure colors, ya dig...

Notes of deepened hues.

Bent notes seep from a time-battered cornet

The horn, it's not much better,

Verdigris on the bass trombone

The Byrd done licked his feathers,

The drums disperse their insistent whisper

While heads nod in syncopated rhythm

Fish-for-tea, fish-for-tea, fish-for-tea, fish purr!

Man, I think I've gone to heaven!

The singer croons in a gin-fed contralto

Smoke curls lazily round the fans

Fans wait eager for cast-off keepsakes

While Della stirs the Blues in her hands.

Miss Billie tells us like it was,

And why ... because, because, because!

Contributors: TG, KD, Kent, Stacy, Roland, kent, nancee, Bop, Bop..
Poem finished: 17th April 1997.