The Spoonbill Generator

Obelisk: Confusion

That karaoke chaos

My tumble-dryer hell

The fault's with San Andreas

Healer of the well

I tumbled, rolled, cracked and fell...

That desolate disorder

My shambles of a life

My love of Harry Lauder

Wielder of the knife

When Rin-Tin-Tin was rife

That casuistic jumble

My alter-ego's brain

The goalie's fatal fumble

The crowd that cried distain

The cry that called "Refrain!"

That Jesuitic rumpus

My altar-boy's unease

At the wildly spinning compass

Had brought me to my knees

Amid the prelate's fleas

That charismatic

Tallow, my jambalaya dream,

Screaming for marshmallow

And a codpiece full of steam

To make one's privates gleam

That catachrestic clutter

My obelisk unmasked

Was a hammock full of butter

And a question never asked

While our doubts were doubly casked.

That Rocky Horror Picture,

My rolling stone of Scone

A serpentine confection,

A frog without a zone

A witch who's not a crone.

That "altered states" perspective,

My dream that never dies

My moribund directive

A morbid fear of pies

Not hard to analyse

Those Lucy Diamond highs

Contributors: Roland, P, Lucretia, TG, KD, Stacy.
Poem finished: 24th March 1997.