The Spoonbill Generator

Lemur Song Unsung

From leprechaun to Lancer

They dance from dusk till dawn

From Capricorn to Cancer

Upon the dewy lawn

Orion and O'Reilly

They turn from east to west

And, on the terrace, shyly,

Discuss my worthless vest

In strident denigration

And witless repartee

We spurn each constellation

And bend our gaze to sea.

O Isis and Osiris!

Oh, bugger this and that!

My throat is full of virus

And where's my blasted hat!?

From manatee to marbles

From time to time to time

The line that Greta garbles

Is one that doesn't rhyme

If that's the way she wants it

(or even if it's not)

Those clones that in the font sit

Will get it while it's hot

My rampant impetigo

Shall scald each Celtic cross

Within the bounds of Sligo

The Parish of Kinross

And as the churches tumble

The Zodiac spins on

I'll drink my fill of scumble

Until my hair is gone

And as my sight is fading

New senses supervene

As children, masquerading

See what remains unseen

As darkness falls upon me

And lightness rises forth

I read from Deuteronomy

While striding South or North

My tongue aflame with verses

My pyramid a pyre

I led my fleet of hearses

Beyond my heart's desire

Beyond the brink of of yearning

Horizon underground

My seventh sense is turning

All my cats have all been drowned

Contributors: Roland, TG, Bop, P.
Poem finished: 23rd March 1997.