The Spoonbill Generator

Maya's Misty Watercolor Blues

As Maya turned the page

The absence of absynthe has changed my views,

And though she's all the rage

The wisdom of whiskey has garbled her cues

- a woman twice her age

Now makes the news

with inebriated fragments of half-vomited syllables

She seeks to restore the meter,

The meter's okay but the rhyme's gone awry

Perhaps we should consult dear Peter?

As Maya tore the leaf

The excess of success has distorted my senses,

paper-thin crushed and cumpled - not elated as I should be

Iambic thief

As Maya turned the phrase (in a manner inconsistent with the meter of this tale)

A big whale

Suffocates upon the beach.

Beyond her reach.

BLUBBER! BLUBBER!, she doth beseech

A siren for our times

If we can't keep the metre, let's at least keep the rhymes

As Maya starts anew,

In a desperate attempt to get the poem back on track

Her wits are all askew

She is weary of taking this poetic flack!

Now wake the Muse!

Her diapers are dirty

Go spread the news!

(You'll hear it at 1.30)

Sound all the horns!

As Maya signed "The End"

Whose poetry now can we defend?

No further tosh was penned.

Contributors: Roland, Stacy, P, Lucretia, Bop, Kevin, TG,, KD.
Poem finished: 5th March 1997.