The Spoonbill Generator

Insensible Blandishments

Ask anyone about my woes,

Ask anyone about my glee

They'll counterfeit my dying throes

Pretending to be me

Ask anyone my name,

Ask anyone my fate

Will you face the truth or hide in shame

try something new just open the gate

Ask anyone why I sing

why do you sing asks he

feeling the feathers, the soul takes wing

Pretending to be free

Ask anyone why I am different

Anyone why I am bland

Ask anyone my middle name,

solve the mystry no differance seen

That you might understand.

Ask me if I'm crazy,

I may appear insane

Still and all I'm quite the bard,

With beard of right and rain

Tell me of your habits,

Rosary and beads

That funny little thing you do,

Trace the line of Babbits

And serve tea to the hobbits,

The sempiternal robots

Which plant autumnal seeds

Ask me if I'm dandy,

I will answer crying

Eyelids full of candy

Sure beats worse ways of dying!

Contributors: Stacy, B Knight, Roland, P, Traci, soft`rain, Robyne, TG, joey.
Poem finished: 24th February 1997.