The Spoonbill Generator

The Cherry Challenge

Woodworm! Spare that tray

from rotting furrows, tracks meandering

into the nightly ceremony of love,

Arthropod philandering,

This is the subtlest way.

Women! Spurn that tripe

Turn it back into the desert

Spooning the rank oasis of love

Lightning rod meandering

All through the weary day

Sybil! In your pot you boil

Workaday trouble toil,

In the weekly ceremony of soap

It's the headiest kind of dope.

Lunar virgin! With your bowstring strung

Blithely hunting songs unsung

Roland will undo it all,

Charlemagne will rue it all.

Sad conquering! In gain you yield

The secrets that lay long concealed

Hidden deep within the midst,

Deep within the deeds thou didst

Taste the brackish nector filled,

The palimpsest of quote unquilled

The emptiest of cups unfilled,

Pleasures unknown are spilled.

Contributors: Roland, Lucretia, Stacy, Bop, P, Loaf, Robyne.
Poem finished: 8th February 1997.