The Spoonbill Generator

Not Enough Sodium


TV meals-for-three

No service at the station

For Inuit or Asian

Whose mouth would it be?

Integral diffraction

Elbows for the rich

Angled now for action

Against the other faction

From Lower Saxony.

Endless long division

Dancing at the Ritz

Nights of indecision

A cause for some derision

Among the Inuits

Summary addition

(Miners are the pits)

Curse them to perdition

Pointless inanition

Blessed hypocrites!

Draughty evervation

Epileptic fits

Chemical castration

Frying in formation

Hominy and grits

Helpful obfuscation

Senile Jesuits

Virginal oblation

Virtual aberration

Nearly perfect tits


Fingers in the pie

Bankers' expiation

Fiscal dissipation

Penny for the Guy!

Contributors: Bop, Roland, TG, P, Anon..
Poem finished: 24th January 1997.