The Spoonbill Generator

Arizona's Coptic Rime

Your fossil terrorised our clan

(Which never was afeard of aught alive)

It interfered with any plan

To civilise the hadal hive

It lurked unseen beneath the crust

(Which never had been thought a place for men)

It interfered with mortal lust

And went to ground again.

It burrowed deep within the earth,

(Which ever harboured aught of mien uncouth)

It interfered with angels' mirth

And undermined untruth

It held the key within its whorls

(Which human skill could never yet decode)

It interfered with boys and girls,

It interfered with boys and girls,

It made all souls corrode

But when at last its hour was nigh

(Which clocks could never yet determine)

It coiled in stone across the sky

And shrieked, "You hateful vermin!"

It scrawled laments across the sky,

(which aery art defeated lesser fish)

It cursed the stone that broke the dish,

And every ordained pattern from on high.

Contributors: Roland, TG, desiree, P, Bop, Stacy, Anon..
Poem finished: 18th January 1997.