The Spoonbill Generator

My Favorite Plunderings

'Twas a frothy foam upon the wake

That day we sailed the stars

I came upon a filthy rake

Left in the ether by mistake

And sold it to the men who make

A seedy type of powder cake.

'Tis the season to be bold

And sail beyond the stars

To navigate the blinding cold

Some smallish planets in the hold

Some samples of galactic mould

Remedies for growing old

'Twill be an aeon ere the moon

become a knavish clot

To toil upon some unknown ground

We'll add this to the plot!

We'll hope it shall remain unfound

until discovery calls

a slithery wartsome bluish metaphor

Hidden beneath the falls

We'll hope that it shall rot unseen

Beneath the frothy foam

As Roland always says, "UNSEEN"

let's knock this out er' it's a tome!

We'll hope that from its unseen lair

The lion awaits its hearty fare,

and feasts on Dr Spooner's heart

(that eminently fickle part)

The foam subsided on the wake

Our tedious orbit slowed at last

We all knew we'd gone too fast,

Our brains were sundered in the blast

Contributors: Stacy, TG, Jane/PeterWRC, Roland, P, Rachel, Mick, Shirley, S.A.A., Kent, s.a.a., JKA, Bop.
Poem finished: 4th January 1997.