The Spoonbill Generator

Cost-effective Starlight

There is room for two legs in my trousers

Happily, my toes are longer than my fingers

(But enough of this tedious unrhyming)

There is space for two minds in my tricep

Happily, my thoughts are stronger than my muscles

(But enough of this nebulous two-timing)

There is scope for two eyes in these sockets

Luckily, my own have right of access

For my sockets are not like your pockets

There is time for two thoughts of my future

Luckily, I owe myself this favour:

Never to wear orange blouses

For fear they should clash with my trousis.

Contributors: Roland, Fleezy, zelda, Mondello, Peter, Boppo.
Poem finished: 1st November 1996.