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A Golden Treasury of Collaborative Verse, 1996–2007

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Poems completed in 2006


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2006 Jan 2Winged Things That Reek Of MyrrhIn dreams of dimes and happenstance
2006 Jan 3Over By The Time She Smells The BrieSunk by the Spanish Amanda
2006 Jan 4Clockwork CatechismYou say 'tornado'
2006 Jan 5When This Ends We Shall, TooI sprawl, I sprawl
2006 Jan 8Such Conditions As Warrant Swift Kickings By MagistratesYour claws, My Dear, are half your charm
2006 Jan 10Nobody Shaves OswaldIn search of the perfect asparagus
2006 Jan 11How Silently, How ClumsilyBehold, the Fifth Amendment
2006 Jan 11Trampling Your Toes OnMine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
2006 Jan 11Enduring Without SuccorIf fish could scream
2006 Jan 12Their Original Desk-top MicrophonesIn my ending is my start
2006 Jan 14They May Well Abandon ShipKansas Sam, Beefy, Will H, Karin, Grayman et al.
2006 Jan 19It Seems Pointless To PolkaHandel's Croatian
2006 Jan 25At Equal IntervalsThe other day (or was it night?)
2006 Jan 26Off KilterAll is confirmed
2006 Jan 26Another Round Of Hand Puppets For ReelectionAll is confirmed
2006 Jan 29Handy Men Poised With UnguentsIf beating fleas was my habit

2006 Feb 1Tombola ParkingWhen at night I go to sleep
2006 Feb 10Who Prefers Bedsocks?The little prophets of an idol-king
2006 Feb 10Boots Were Made Before SoulsA basement, and a base intrigue
2006 Feb 11Flames Coated With Heavy PenaltiesThe flames were gone, but, yet, a tiny ember
2006 Feb 11The Great CriticsE wrote slowly, R wrote fast
2006 Feb 14Tithes Before FlamingosIf heebie has jeebies and hocus has pocus
2006 Feb 16Eating The Accountants Until Babbage LeavesHow we wonder, how we wonder
2006 Feb 16Sirloin Of ThanetGive this custard just one stir
2006 Feb 16Absent WhiteRimbaud, Verlaine and absinthe
2006 Feb 22Lesbian Cookbook VirtuesCall your mother now and then
2006 Feb 22Slighted By AngelsBandsaw. Egret. Alpenstock.
2006 Feb 23We Can All Escape From This HotelClutching and screaming they summoned you hither
2006 Feb 24Lodestar Of The Ballooning NurseWe changed your appointment
2006 Feb 24Our Road Is Hardly JustifiedPut me through the paper shredder
2006 Feb 25Decorated With Hasty StitchesNot another nugget
2006 Feb 28Wise Virgins Stitched In GorgonzolaVanishing by windmills,

2006 Mar 2Half The Time Left To UsHave you met my little friend, Bip?
2006 Mar 2Injunctions To The BarricadesBring me the bones of a man who is broken
2006 Mar 6Chance Coupling Without The ResponsibilityMassive friction, from her waist,
2006 Mar 7Yorick And FriendsThe azimuth is past
2006 Mar 8Shogun MarmaladeSveldt in someone's turban
2006 Mar 9Not A Proper PostmanMore of me, and less of you
***2006 Mar 9NB: In MemoriamThe blackest of shields by the light of the moon
2006 Mar 9The Protective Turnip, Terrified Of Nightmares, Is Already Failing Under My TutelageI had a date with a girl named Fred
2006 Mar 10To Haunt Each Dervish DailyI like the cut of your jib and the fact that you always vote lib
2006 Mar 14The Death Wish ListWhen Doomsday comes, where will you be?
2006 Mar 15Where Is It Going To End?My old conveyor belt
2006 Mar 15Homeward BoundaryWe flee the sun, and head back to the gray
2006 Mar 16Godliness In Three-four TimeHe walked his widow home
2006 Mar 20All The Benighted CroutonsWhen choosing the proper wine
2006 Mar 25Wallpaper For BeaversI found your umbrella
2006 Mar 29Ethereal SequenceEther, real
2006 Mar 29To Dissuade Potential ConsumersYou claim that you've heard it before
2006 Mar 29Seeing As We Amuse Your GardenOh raucous bleating
2006 Mar 30Bread-van ImpasseReptilinear

2006 Apr 4Echoes Of AshesMississipi, come to me!
2006 Apr 4Powers That Remain PotentA night of perfect chaos
2006 Apr 5Dreary Days Compounded By SnowstormsHave you seen the Nothing man,
2006 Apr 7"How Curious!", Quoth The Melancholy ShrikeEngrossed by the maudlin
2006 Apr 18ImplicationsTake a pinch of mustard-seed
2006 Apr 20Each Circle Will ShakeJudicious combination
2006 Apr 21A Cynical Attitude Toward RoadrunnersOut here in the wasteland
2006 Apr 26Attempts At Ironic PosturingMy bunny lies over the ocean

2006 May 1Vienna In PencilFleeting vision, yesternight,
2006 May 4Louse, LouiseFeasting on the gouts of blood
2006 May 4Good BugsWe must perform a Quirkafleeg
2006 May 10Love For A PigletNobody comes, nobody goes
2006 May 11White Hotels, Lakes Ablaze, And Blossoms All FallingMade deaf by the sound of the sea
2006 May 11Fester, FarewellFester, farewell
2006 May 1122 Catheters Soaked By CircumstanceWho could resist
2006 May 12Kiki On SpeedThe glittering lights of Montmatre in her eyes
2006 May 12When London RoseCould it be summer's here?
2006 May 12Only LaggingAt altitudes like these
2006 May 12Elixirs Of Godknows WhatI took a sip. I didn't know
2006 May 15Men Without EquationsAre you prepared to reveal
2006 May 15Yes, Cheese Is EdibleI'm glad to see your back
2006 May 15The Weather Of Mine HeartCatch 22
2006 May 15Cliches But No AnswerIf brevity's the soul of wit,
2006 May 22Jabberwocky, The LyricsBe wary of the snigglewats
2006 May 23None Save The MeistersingerFirst with the frost
2006 May 23Into The VegetableA carrot lay upon the bank
2006 May 24Mute Soup And Memory FadedI met a man whose nose extended
2006 May 25What Loving EuthanasiaClunk! Whrrrrrrr. Zzzzng.
2006 May 29Longshoremen Fit Only For NightmaresWe've gathered together today
2006 May 30Inbred HeirloomTo generate hysteria, the Queen declared the area
2006 May 30Pork-pie Hatred In StokeI hefted bricks of twenty pounds
***2006 May 30Phoenix, BoredIs no-one here to waken me?
2006 May 31Simulacra Of The Smaller Variety Found In BrightonWhen they talk about Eau de Cologne
2006 May 31The Legend Of The SphereI'll tell you the tale of a boy from the East

2006 Jun 3How It Was BeforeAstride an ice-cold anvil
2006 Jun 6Ibstokon, Who Prefers All ComersThe prunes were laid out, row on row,
2006 Jun 7Lark OvariesHave you ever thought of trimming your moustache?
2006 Jun 8Hereinafter HakeTo view the ocean from a cliff
2006 Jun 9The Thursday MatineeNo lack of contentious divisions
2006 Jun 11Testimonial Of UnrestA song for hake, an anthem, ho!
2006 Jun 12No Peppermint DropsThe clouds are filled with bicycles
2006 Jun 12Monday PresentBefore you read the second line
2006 Jun 13Concerto For Nobody And DrumWhen the new one comes out
2006 Jun 14Complicated WhimperWhen cloning pigs or kangaroos
2006 Jun 15Show Me How Verdi Murdered Houdinihis pendulum might make you sneeze
2006 Jun 15How Many Such Openings Have We Squandered?Astride a red-hot anvil
2006 Jun 15Fasting MythsThat loathsome letter taints the page
2006 Jun 16Dragon-tail DrunkGoing out again
2006 Jun 16Night ThoughtsWhen o'er the willows whipporwills
2006 Jun 16Sacks Of MoonshineOut here in the wasteland
2006 Jun 16Lettuce For SodomyA beach-ball and a pancreas
2006 Jun 18His Lucky Skull Has PerishedIn his ochre jodhpurs
2006 Jun 20Occasionally He ThinksOh! So now you're telling me
2006 Jun 20The Lost BanterThou, pollen, art my nemesis
2006 Jun 21Steam CalendarSt. Swithin's Day? Is that in May?
2006 Jun 22Grave MayhemAn awful example of verse
2006 Jun 22DistressingBasingstoke is mentioned in Henry 4 Part 2
2006 Jun 23Tights For A Prophylactic RailroadI shall not fail to summon you
2006 Jun 23Kill The PennyPerfection in a postage-stamp
2006 Jun 24Torment Jemima For BotheringMy neighbours, then, the nomads
2006 Jun 24Outwardly NubileLet us go then, you and I
2006 Jun 25Beyond The Twelfth Night Service DeskThe faded lilies by the wall
2006 Jun 25Two Grebes AdriftYou shall not fail to summon me
2006 Jun 27Death AgainThis mausoleum, filled with Zinc,
2006 Jun 29The Caretaker Who Cried WolfWhen once I bumped a smallish man

2006 Jul 1Lingerie ThroughoutNow harken to a tale so vile
2006 Jul 6Socialists Challenging A ShutdownA dinghy's captain, fearing wreck
2006 Jul 751 Flavours of DiffusionSo very far from welcome
2006 Jul 17Drum DazedThe hideous spectre of her purse
2006 Jul 18Void Of Open FineryBeringed, beribboned, clad in silks
2006 Jul 18Longing For The OligarchFun time for Natasha
2006 Jul 28Such Gravitas Is WastedAgain, at the cathedral
2006 Jul 28Market Anomalies Perpetrated By Emily DickensBecause I could not stop for Lunch
2006 Jul 29Ravioli RamblingsThough Cecil balked at Puffy's plan
2006 Jul 31Malodorous Relatives By NightA grave is not a flowerbed

2006 Aug 1Equator Blown OverI never met my sister till I was twenty-three
2006 Aug 1Nothing But Our Static SensesThe Witch-Queen wrought an awful curse:
2006 Aug 3Craig Levy, MoorhenNow if six turned out to be nine
2006 Aug 3Eight Parrots, Seven RoguesHengist had the brightest sword
2006 Aug 9Kill None But The Brave LoverNo mistress is so passing fair
2006 Aug 10Never. Should We WindsurfDon't forget to tie your shoes
2006 Aug 15The Lesson Of Days Before TuesdayThere's a red house over yonder
2006 Aug 23Night From MidnightThe Gates of Ivory and Horn
2006 Aug 24Our Score Was Enough For ZekeI went to Zeke's to buy some paint
2006 Aug 31Cried The IdyllBe not so blue, my dainty dove,

2006 Sep 1Elizabethan LemonadeIt is said that a codpiece, selected to cover
2006 Sep 1Your Villain In This StyleA superhero needs a cape
2006 Sep 2Can ChewingTo sit with you at sunrise
2006 Sep 6The Surplus Blondes In SwindonThis poem is dedicated to the memory of Marmaduke Apsley
2006 Sep 7Showmen, Their Regrettable LegendTonsils made of plastic
2006 Sep 8The Blanched Almonds of HobokenThe pool beneath the breakfast hall
2006 Sep 20Demanding Chocolate Money BackWhile others stand empty
2006 Sep 26The Cauliflower NuisanceDemanding menace with a payment,

2006 Dec 15Hidden WorksJust a hint of twilight
2006 Dec 17He See Nothing With RelishThe price of dodging RSI

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