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Poems completed in 2005


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2005 Jan 4Cycling Behind The TracesCoded in the final hour
2005 Jan 4Houndstooth CanalIt seemed as though I'd never been away
2005 Jan 6I Surface Behind The LampsA pelvis drowned in custard
2005 Jan 7Is Nothing ValuelessOnce quite temperamental
2005 Jan 9Zeppo LamentingEmily and Sally, Kathy and Loureen,
2005 Jan 9Up In Canada Antlered Creatures Are EverywherePerhaps, your new line will go here.
***2005 Jan 11Welcome To DarciDelightful news! An heiress to the line
2005 Jan 11The Crooner Under CoverWay down upon the Swanee River
2005 Jan 15Stealth For Newfound CheesesBroad pretensions, on the board-walk,
2005 Jan 15Backstabbing So-called ChumsI'll never again, see my ex-pal Len
2005 Jan 16Boredom CitySherbert, not Opopanax
2005 Jan 16Deatiny Shaped By SimpletonsState of action: quite inert
2005 Jan 16Embonpoint SandwichesGlobe and Jerusalem, we venerate
***2005 Jan 17Grey From Top To TowpathUpon the next-to-shortest day
2005 Jan 18Home Schooling And No BidetsTwice in one day! A rare delight
2005 Jan 18The Hegemony Which Everybody ScornsOne before the turning
2005 Jan 19Plausibly RoguishA subpoena has been issued (you were asking for it)
2005 Jan 20Welsh DittyThere is a tavern in the town
2005 Jan 23LichensJust dethrone me, once per week,
2005 Jan 24Trap For Attractive BabesCould you possibly close your sweet mouth as you chew?
2005 Jan 24Keatsian DevicesGrecian urns do not inspire these words
2005 Jan 25Haddock Versus Anchovies: DiscussMy tension's most unmenstrual,
2005 Jan 26Enough Said: The Undershirts Finally ArrivedDamn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, DAMN!
2005 Jan 27The Christmas MilkmenAnd here are the pictures
2005 Jan 27Horses Most DefinitelySpanish onions, in the dark,
2005 Jan 27FutileRipe bananas, ten a pound! Grapes to fit a feast!
2005 Jan 28Puberty Before BreakfastChastising priests becomes a sport
2005 Jan 28Where Angels Spoonfeed Tiny TotsThis small sachet - take a sniff! -

2005 Feb 1Sixty-five DegreesIf you squeegee my windshield, I'll scour your pot
2005 Feb 2After Reality, InterregnumShe plugged it in, she switched it on
2005 Feb 3Systemic GoudaStale cheese croutons in my jar
2005 Feb 3Piglet In WeymouthTo catch the dreaded Heffalump
2005 Feb 4Over And OuthouseAstride a blazing horse
2005 Feb 7Good-luck To Endless SorrowLeastways, said the meter man, You'll always have some fish
2005 Feb 8Drive-By MoralitySo how ya doin', Mrs. Knapp?
2005 Feb 9Skin For Us Those Infidel ShareholdersAn agéd man in green I saw
2005 Feb 9Perfect PitchersMonosyllables
2005 Feb 11Desperate KippersJust a tingling kind of pain
2005 Feb 15Among BeanbagsSo tell us, how many times have you
2005 Feb 16The Frictionless Vol-au-ventThis is now
2005 Feb 16Ever Onward Through MuckBefore the gullet goes to ground
2005 Feb 16Nantucket DisappointmentThere was a young man from Nantucket
2005 Feb 18Novelistic LeafletsRussell Hoban, King of Thrace,
2005 Feb 21Still, Inkpots Leave StainsWill you be f***ing p***ed if I use asterisks?
2005 Feb 22The Alphabet Artfully Reconstructed From BedspringsAwake! Before the porridge starts to burn!
2005 Feb 22Sigh No More, LadiesThe Dutch maintain that any eye
2005 Feb 23Gorgon CookiesJust imagine thirteen cakes aglitter in the night:
2005 Feb 23If PerchanceBold insurgence swept from coast to coast
2005 Feb 24Plans For VacillationI think I might go out today
2005 Feb 28Custard Pied WagtailGurgling free
2005 Feb 28Dog-biscuit DunkingI paid for all this road myself

2005 Mar 7Flaring HairclipsIn latter days of green and blue
2005 Mar 10Wherever Tuesday BluesLittle Jack Horner sat in a corner
2005 Mar 17Poor Semblance Of Artistic MetaphorsProdigiously attractive
2005 Mar 18I Would Rather Not Serve RiceI might not swallow more than once
2005 Mar 18Eye-Flavored ScrutinyProdigiously attractive
2005 Mar 23Incoherence Everywhere Discovered AnewThe horror-shows of ancient Gaul
2005 Mar 26As Luck Would HabitStrange transmissions - from the sun -
2005 Mar 28Bertrand Of Nimes In AnguishHalitosis hit me as he cut my hair
2005 Mar 29Nothing More Redundant Than ThoughtStagnation, degradation
2005 Mar 30Fashion MisstatedThere was an old man from Sioux Falls
2005 Mar 31Four Times Four Is TonicSo ... how to subvert the Age of Consent?
2005 Mar 31Our Vectors Ineptly ComputedChucked up, chucked out
2005 Mar 31Cultural DividesI watched a ritual of the Baluchistanis;

2005 Apr 12Over Blighty DippingMen who pause
2005 Apr 12Send Major WordsworthSaid I to Gus Grissom
2005 Apr 14We Wish You Joy Of HaggisBefore I close this inquest
2005 Apr 19Enough To Warrant OnionsIn praise of whelks, I roam the moors:
2005 Apr 20Future Species Will Not Tolerate HotelsIf the Sun was to die today
2005 Apr 21Vestments In Velvet Of MidnightOnly a quarter
2005 Apr 21Despatched AgainI have a little creature
2005 Apr 25While Letting Agencies Do Their DamnedestWe pick on them because we know
2005 Apr 26Our Welsh Brethren ConfessRushing from the Laundromat®
2005 Apr 26Our Socratic Brethren Will One Morning Save The Welsh UnaidedPlato's grin did shame the sun
2005 Apr 28Before She Utteredhiiiiiiiii

2005 May 3Blimey, GuvDear, pour me out a single cup of tea,
2005 May 4Doughboy GraduatesCookies and biscuits, crackers and buns
2005 May 17Tears Before TonsilsLethal injection, on the tide,

2005 Jun 3When Talents Droop As FeathersOne day, I hope to play the concertina.
2005 Jun 13Saul Bellow Cloudringed By NymphsIn his Jeans®, stood Jasper Johns
2005 Jun 29Always DownfallenThe mood, in Hitler's bunker

2005 Jul 1Liturgically Challenged Papists Vainly Seeking PompHer velvet trousers, on the bed
2005 Jul 4Enough Bagels DisavowedIn spite of all your after-shave
2005 Jul 5The Sanskrit Kirk RailingsJust a taste of sunshine
2005 Jul 6Lucy In TormentPastry-forks were just the thing -
2005 Jul 8Crop Circling GearTo view this page as Scratch'n'Sniff
2005 Jul 11Highways, Byways, AfterthoughtsKaleidoscopes in bronze and zinc
2005 Jul 12My Priapic MilestoneCoddled mushrooms, all a-simmer,
2005 Jul 12Starting Northwards, In No Uncertain ProtocolA Singer of Rats was elected
2005 Jul 18Heave Aside Our Plundering PharoahAt seven Gs
2005 Jul 19High TeethJuicy plums for me to bite!
2005 Jul 20Remedial By AssociationSufferers of synarthrodiae
2005 Jul 22Another Bodleian Peroration FailsIf it hadn't been for the eighteenth green
2005 Jul 22Mated By HappenstanceA fledgling wasp once took the time
2005 Jul 22For The Draining-board That Survivors ClutchStep this way, you man o' war,
2005 Jul 25Mine Shaft Mendicants, Their OathIf I told you how I feel
2005 Jul 25Tartlets In CustardyBlesséd fragrance, of the Nile,
2005 Jul 25His Trusty LeagueNever measured, never loved,
2005 Jul 27Bismuth Bill AgainIncursions 4, Evasions 5
2005 Jul 29Our Technocrats Under DuressStrontium nitrate
2005 Jul 30Duodenal BackwaterBehold a scone that I have baked!
2005 Jul 30Tantric DiagramsThe empty vest had seen some times

2005 Aug 1Heathen LentIngest this canapé of grime?
2005 Aug 8The Stranger ButlerThe end is the beginning, subtly changed
2005 Aug 8Apparatus For Removing ApparatusAlgorithms for the blind
2005 Aug 8Farewell, My Lively Oystercatcher NymphsHeading off to sunny climes
2005 Aug 10Fields Of EverywhereHis secretary's teeth were sown
2005 Aug 12Nostrils, EachDespite a severe anaesthetic
2005 Aug 12The Shark-infested HandbagBetrayed by movements in the dark
2005 Aug 22Lasers In LatinTo grasp these prawns will take some skill
2005 Aug 23Why We Ought Not To Bellow Faintly Throughout Our DinnerBetrayed by movements in the dark
2005 Aug 23Wittgenstein TherapyTake parnsip from the heap
2005 Aug 23Help! Aunt Potter Stole My NeckerchiefTrust me with your pudding store
2005 Aug 31To Study All Known ColoniesPleonasms get me down

2005 Sep 1My Third EmpireIn this haystack, L. P. Hartley
2005 Sep 1Detonating ErrorA small explosion
2005 Sep 3Crustaceans In ErrorTo wait upon the late express
2005 Sep 4Ridicule Enough For CherubimStrong dominion, over whelks,
2005 Sep 4Leonine Mellinger Pronounces Herself DestituteThis Plasticene®'s Jurassic, don't you know?
2005 Sep 4MonetaristsIn flowerdome five
2005 Sep 6Neolithic MuesliGrizzled, in a state of tears,
2005 Sep 7Our Leather-Bound Archipelago Swept CleanReturning to my spawning-grounds
2005 Sep 8WhistlesRussell Hoban, king of rhyme,
2005 Sep 8The Railway Couplet DetectedFrom the bottom of my foot
2005 Sep 9When Caesar FoamedWe danced, in nothing but a hat
2005 Sep 11In Past EmporiaOne for sorrow, two for fish
2005 Sep 14Tossed From Hand To ElbowHer incursions, from the North,
2005 Sep 18These Are My DiverseThe stickleback: how, in its prime
2005 Sep 18One Will Between FriendsIn opting for a greyer black
2005 Sep 19Charity Enough For NowAction is as action does
2005 Sep 20Subway Tools AgainLucy Skeaping, queen of myst'ry,
2005 Sep 21Packed Without Any Discernible EntropyThe last was gone before its hour
2005 Sep 21Caramel ChristmasIn this wise, the King of Thebes
2005 Sep 24Platonic Scooter Or WorseBanish poets? To The Pole?
2005 Sep 27Any Extreme Prognostication ExceptYou - a loan - are the Most High!
2005 Sep 27Prematurely ConcludedEnvoi

2005 Oct 5Associations Lend Their ChevronsCriticism - from the ranks -
2005 Oct 11Gabriel, So RotundIt's a wonderful life, to be sure
2005 Oct 11Ghent Is Abandoned Now, So Gloucester WeepsMy salad days were mainly spent
2005 Oct 13The Final AcornFrom Sparta to Spain
2005 Oct 14No CarborundumMoving twice
2005 Oct 15Airworthy KitchensDross of ages past is ours
2005 Oct 16Unlikely Caretaker In KansasWhen Pinter won the Nobel Prize
2005 Oct 20Mermaids Sighing AffidavitsHarold Pinter, author of Betrayal,
2005 Oct 23Pending Further GuestsDoes anybody come here any more?
2005 Oct 23The Tartan Cow TrapThere was a young man from Nantucket
2005 Oct 25Seldom So FrequentlyGone before its time
2005 Oct 25Half Baked WhollyStalk the streets of Serenissima
2005 Oct 30Yes, Seamstresses, Invisible Stockings For Marriage VowsSo much nicer now
2005 Oct 31Vongole Al Limone Con FunghiClams are not my favoured dish

2005 Nov 7Here Is OwlGlimpsed through barbed wire
2005 Nov 10Who Named The CornucopianHere comes Cross-Eyed Sam
2005 Nov 11iPods Crafted From Rusting Spanners Or SimilarYou think of these as scones
2005 Nov 12Amsterdam TransfersThese canals are full of fish?!
2005 Nov 13Goodfellow MosesA secret door
2005 Nov 13Cufflinks Fascinate Nobody Except RasputinGone from here, by twenty leagues,
2005 Nov 14Rorschach FondlingWith sorghum, millet, rice and oats
2005 Nov 15To Any Passing CriticIn opting for a blacker grey
2005 Nov 16Guile In Any MayAwestruck in the horse-truck,
2005 Nov 16The Lost Macduff Reforms In ElyHis cranium, by some accounts
2005 Nov 17Ignoring The Peach And NectarineIf ever I would write a dirge
2005 Nov 18Pleasure for GodmothersBuckets of slime
2005 Nov 22What A Nefarious Newcomer Might Not Instantly Perceive As Worthwhile Is Often ValuelessDrinking round the clock
2005 Nov 23Fester's Last WordsIt takes a man with real strength to deplore
2005 Nov 23The Interplanetary Concavity Is How DeepGood Men, our good ship's run aground
2005 Nov 29Lament: Austere Nightly BeatingsRetribution, hard as stolen milk,

2005 Dec 1When Everything PresupposesI am the Centaur and the sword
2005 Dec 7Troubles Because Of BosomsPuissant were her thighs that night
2005 Dec 8Immaculate Threnodies by Augustan BachelorsOn Boscombe Down, where Keats was born
2005 Dec 8Piebald Cheques'The first day of the rest of your life', they sang,
2005 Dec 8No Thanks, KennethAre you going to Scarborough Fair?
2005 Dec 12Aspire To LifeBig fish, tiny pond
2005 Dec 15Hosiery On Half-forgotten NunsCorset strung as tight as tight,
2005 Dec 23Abundance Throughout PompeiiIn these forests, aroundabout,

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