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Poems completed in 2001


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2001 Jan 1No Cat's TrousersPelting down the motorway, with my wheels of fire,
2001 Jan 1Symphony Buttocks With Apricot OrchestraToast Christmas dog
2001 Jan 6Finnegan's Ascending NostrilAlphabetic poetry often can
***2001 Jan 7Fashionable, The Unseemly LexicographerThere is, I've heard, an organist, who plays at half past three
2001 Jan 8Brothers in CanberraThe kangaroos are at the aquarium?
2001 Jan 9A Prawn ParadingAn ant always admires actors
2001 Jan 9Iced Mohicans, Anyone?Zoroaster sunnily bestows his
2001 Jan 9Going off the BoilIf love cannot foretell the past
2001 Jan 9Her Northampton BoudoirBengeo is just the place to start a bitter feud
2001 Jan 10Nasty, NastyThe gremlins in my kitchen make
2001 Jan 11Sunday, We ConfessA monstrous sneeze assails the ears
2001 Jan 12The EnslavedI just can't help thinking of you
2001 Jan 15Making NunsSheila was my first love, and she was just a hake
2001 Jan 15Ode Scribbled Rudely by LennonA is for the alligators alcoholically inclined,
2001 Jan 17I, Diamond JimThumb screws , finger nails
2001 Jan 20Offhand EmblemIf the captain's metaphysic
2001 Jan 21Shutters Fold Tightly Again6 x 6 - from wall to wall
2001 Jan 23A Vain Attempt in English to Accommodate DiversThe hour of innocence, of hopes and dreams
2001 Jan 24Unhappy StampedeNow, here's a story
2001 Jan 24Future Dereliction Of DutySomewhere in the evening, at a screen not far from you

2001 Feb 2The Truth Beyond GingerWhipping in ocean tides and winds of the Sicak peninsula
2001 Feb 3Birds - So?Those onomatopoeic words
2001 Feb 8Recant Nothing, MartyrsFull fathom five the aardvark lies
2001 Feb 8Geometry Crawls NightwardsTheir shop lay in a triangle
2001 Feb 16Palfreyman In SwitzerlandDoubled up with laughter, trebled up with woe
2001 Feb 17Membrane One (Laughing Hoop)If Joan of Arc wasn't a zombie
2001 Feb 19Firestorm FingersHave you heard the story of the Chattlewhump, my son?
2001 Feb 22Wood Knot RictusRevival of my former fame
2001 Feb 27Captain Scott's ImplosionAt dawn we slew another pig
2001 Feb 28Arresting the CompositorInto the cauldron of possibility

2001 Mar 9Amusing-EsotericNecromancy doesn't work, my uncle used to say
2001 Mar 11Fleeing, The Sticky Eremite ScratchesPoetry and Poesy declined to fight a duel,
***2001 Mar 22Father, Forgive Our CarpentryThe practice of law is a terminal bore
2001 Mar 25Conquer the Bandits of Love!Remembrance is a form of rhubarb

2001 Apr 13Hook PerformanceIn the deepest part of the pool
2001 Apr 18Time ItselfWe'll try once more before the crash
2001 Apr 20Conception By Maidens (Anchovie's Verses)How long will you be up there?
2001 Apr 24Billiards, or Might My Love Be Undying?Bianca grabbed me by the throat, and said I was a little stoat:
2001 Apr 25Our Only StrawberryWhy me?
2001 Apr 29Lost Meanings of TurkestanShow me a mirror and I'll

2001 May 1Tumbling Kills. Water Falls.Carrie was an acrobat who fell upon her head
2001 May 9Tadpoles of DoomRemember me when I am dead,
2001 May 14Flange Matrix - Paradise Of The StarsBubbles float up grassy-treed slopes
2001 May 17Innocuously Or VenomouslyI always caught the quarter-past; it never ran on time
2001 May 17PSSBHe is bald and bespectacled
2001 May 21False Tales of My CalumnyBring me an egg-whisk, and sand-blast my shoes!
2001 May 23Palace Challenge to the PartyIt's a noble bird, is your gannet
2001 May 24Stravinksy in Sidcup: Untimely MinuetIf saints are souls with greater spirit
2001 May 30Whenever Angels Return to HampshireComing back from London Zoo
2001 May 30Unlikely Spectacles Watch On The Firm'Pine kernels, artichokes, tuna, beef and cheese'

2001 Jun 3Sonnets Lately DespatchedWhen to the summons of a baker's wife
2001 Jun 6Dali's Uncle's Duckpond of FilthIn an old ball of string
2001 Jun 19Are You the Last Paradigm?In France, there is a little town
2001 Jun 19Tennyson's Elbow TransplantI glanced upon your book last night -
2001 Jun 20Pointless NosesA pound of cheese is just the stuff
2001 Jun 27Vacant possession of Chichester Cathedral (Song Cycles)You bled the life from out of his home!
2001 Jun 28I'm Washing Pyjamas for LunaticsDrunken badgers and their TVs
2001 Jun 29Tooth Drill In Sandwich TownWhen rank delusion soils the mind

2001 Jul 18Arctic CharlieWhen singing to potatoes, the cowboy always stutters;
2001 Jul 20Misspelt Youth SyndromeA saucer of sour milk for my companion!
2001 Jul 27Surprise EndingA lamb-chop once asked me
2001 Jul 27Impertinent DesiresThe Scandinavian roll-mop
2001 Jul 29My Oceanic HistoryA waterfall, in which the whale

2001 Aug 1McBoreal's AdventureHamish McBoreal? The spaniel from the Glens?
2001 Aug 7Mutable, Suitable, InscrutableHidboult was a wanderer
2001 Aug 7Washed and Dried in Time'A ton of prunes, a pickled egg, two muskets and a globe?'
2001 Aug 9She Performed BadlyYoung Margaret was a silly girl
2001 Aug 9Matrimony is Hegemony, not PatrimonyShe's all to me, and little more
2001 Aug 9The Oyster IntervalIn the palace of my mind, a lonely spirit walks.
2001 Aug 9Nostalgia for Breakfast - And Blue SkyI wish I were in Ngunnawal again
2001 Aug 10Marinade Your Partner DailyHis passion was a restless sort
2001 Aug 10Seaside Hallucination (Felixstowe Docks)The shores of sand stood up and waved
***2001 Aug 12Noah often said that it was lucky to stick herrings to treesThe rain poured down; the waters rose,
2001 Aug 13Obsoletely and IgnominiouslyWhen I was young, we had a cave
2001 Aug 13BiographyHelena was born in a pub
2001 Aug 16There goes another racing certaintyThis door is alarmed
2001 Aug 17Very FigurativeAdd your own line to the poem
2001 Aug 18Forget NeptuneTrumpets are green
2001 Aug 20Airlock, WarlockThe Ministry of Frost
2001 Aug 20Near the Symbolist Palace of AtrocitiesWe start our tale outside a German wood
2001 Aug 22Light Grey SunshineGroatweed grows by every verge
2001 Aug 31While Columbus Never BotheredIt's now been raining hereabouts for more than half a year

2001 Sep 3Delirium's RetchingsThe rapid history becomes a page unturned
2001 Sep 4Kylie, Dark IllusionI unfolded my favourite handkerchief slowly
2001 Sep 5Quiet Teatime MomentsThe carrot spoke too sweetly
2001 Sep 5My Mendacious HoneyI lie to you always, as sugar to spice
2001 Sep 6A Railway CanalI cycled to the station with fury on my mind
2001 Sep 6Browsing PoliceWhen to the summons I brought my fist
2001 Sep 12Dense, Dense, Dense, DenseCelebrate good times?
2001 Sep 13Occasionally I Have Fallen IllWhen I was living with an elk
2001 Sep 22DaydreamParticularly pleasing was the scent of new-cropped straw
2001 Sep 24Cartwright's Innocence UnleashedAlong the mute canal
2001 Sep 26A Pleonastic Admirer of Superfluous NunsThe men in Berlin are terribly thin
2001 Sep 28Dagenham CakeshopTie me to the lamp-post with a silken thread
2001 Sep 30Hugh's Underpants Defy DogmaStaggering across the heath

2001 Oct 1Our Northern Weeds NotwithstandingOutside the gates of Swindon
2001 Oct 2Misconduct With Whosoever ChoosethWelcome to the conversation
2001 Oct 2Very Old HighlandersAngels in the centrifuge
2001 Oct 3Hidden Are Our Own Inept PerformancesBlended with the hint of curling smoke came release
2001 Oct 4Truculent VirtueHere I am and here I'm staying!
2001 Oct 5The Warped Toboggan (Auden Medal Awarded Posthumouly)In the burrows of the Nightmare
2001 Oct 5Culling Ear-Trumpets by the GangesWhen Nylon paves the way for silk
2001 Oct 5Who to Blame?Would you like to be a Womble?
2001 Oct 7The Duplicitous Dumpling'Cusp' she spelt
2001 Oct 7Vindaloo (Abbreviated)I sent my luv a cllphn txt
2001 Oct 8From Chocolate Time-ZonesHer eye is not my voice
2001 Oct 8Immer mit EinheitWhen Apsley dreams of Arabella Spommit,
2001 Oct 9Hideous IndeedJarrow is my noble home
2001 Oct 10Saved By The Old Handbags AgainArchitecture! Drifting slow
2001 Oct 12ConverselyToday, when none was ever born
2001 Oct 16Disused MouseTeal creeps
2001 Oct 23Calf-Length Flight-Bone ProspectsGilded by an autumn sun
2001 Oct 31Bartók's Drawing-RoomIn a dream, I bit off my boss's leg

2001 Nov 1Television Penis DisenfranchisementBorn with magic pubic hair
2001 Nov 5Cutlery TissuesIs it a bug or a feature?
2001 Nov 5Balsamic BusFrom Russell Square to Holborn
2001 Nov 7Kurosawa Crawled HeavenwardThere's nothing to accomplish in the dust
2001 Nov 8Wittgenstein's Spare PumaNascent longing, unrecognized, but pure:
2001 Nov 8Clothes PegsFor a man of the cloth
2001 Nov 12Slice My Sausage Thinly, SamanthaWhen I was young and fancy free
2001 Nov 13Lithuania Accepts Barclaycard Again!The cabbage roared to see the mouse
2001 Nov 15Entropy Without HarlotsInterlinear is the best
2001 Nov 16Pancreatic RecreationsHer bashfulness, though not innate
2001 Nov 16Unknown in Civilised CombatForests crash about my ears
2001 Nov 17Lenten OrgyA pint of gin to steel the nerves
2001 Nov 17Leave Meetings BehindA slice of bread, varinshed with wax,
2001 Nov 20Lechery's AppraisalI loved her hazel eyes so much
2001 Nov 20Frogmen Imminent'Tis time! 'Tis time! The deed is done
***2001 Nov 21Who Will Seldom Live Unseen?Invitation, contradiction, punctuation, wedded bliss
2001 Nov 22Afternoon Prayers, Being a Master-Class for Emissaries of TorporLet's be quick! Their backs are turned
2001 Nov 22Once Knighted, Twice Blighted, Thrice Sighted!A wooden Gospel, baked as bone
2001 Nov 22Let's Have Time to FondleBeing a tomato-knife
2001 Nov 23Areas Of DevoidChief among the mammals

2001 Dec 5On Galvanizing Spartan SurfacesThe mouse crept closer to its goal
2001 Dec 6Hopping Around the FringesUp, the new down
2001 Dec 7Skywards in Epping's Impenetrable Parkland'I hear you have a speaker-phone'
2001 Dec 7In Abandoned Transit-VansHarold was a potter
2001 Dec 7North-South Pedestrian CrossingsThese suicides, who strut the streets
2001 Dec 10Stolen Kissograms in KetchupSuch is cockaleekie,
2001 Dec 10Twenty-Three Costermonger High-RoadTwo-ring circus, one horse town
2001 Dec 10Inwardly, Yet OutwardlyThis helicopter, whose neglect
2001 Dec 11Dreaming Our Favourite CyclonesWandering churchwardens, speaking in tongues
2001 Dec 11Unnecessary TitsIn Narnia, the earthworms say,
2001 Dec 12Forgotten Riposte VThematic spoonful, years of corn
2001 Dec 12Stanley Knife, Solid FleshAlone
2001 Dec 12Behold Our Anglican RemaindersChief among the mammals
2001 Dec 13She boilsIn its own bottle
2001 Dec 13When hamsters stammerEnough of all this sniping, at the wizards great!
2001 Dec 14Other Presentiments of Scoutmasters from BothniaRemembering his empty purse
2001 Dec 17Horse-Box PoliticsThe Devil's in the detail
2001 Dec 18Lesbians of YesteryearThe Crossbill, famed in Nordic lore
2001 Dec 18Cap in HandsworthThe Crossbow, famed in Chinese tales
2001 Dec 19Brute Pesto Lollipop (Intolerance)The gate is torn asunder there
2001 Dec 21Orphans Drinking DeftlyA glass of claret twice per day
2001 Dec 23Behind Bermondsey BridgeButterfingers Battersea
2001 Dec 23Noontide PassionThe drips from his ten-gallon hat
2001 Dec 30Attempts To Separate Meniscus from SurfaceOur lady of Sligo
2001 Dec 30Stapling Matilda (Augustinian Ballade)Poet slain with paper knife

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