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A Golden Treasury of Collaborative Verse, 1996–2007

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Poems completed in 1998


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1998 Jan 1Narrow Trousers in PimlicoWhen the wallet of the wealthy with fivers stiff is stuffed
***1998 Jan 4The Throat EffectGorgonzola partridge
1998 Jan 5Half-wits in ParadiseI've heard it said that Hell is other people
1998 Jan 13Other Shark-Infested PillowsSeven cubed plus fourteen squared
1998 Jan 20Soup Training - Who Cares?Happy New Year to the burghers of Strood!
1998 Jan 21Maybe Mercury SpeaksScared of every footfall
1998 Jan 23For Tadpole Perkins'Don't carry the coal to the amethyst pool,
1998 Jan 27Night's Temporary WristsCarefully, she folds the fish
1998 Jan 30Music, Unless...While I was walking my dog on the moon
1998 Jan 30Conical CatharsisA parent who neglects the tasks
1998 Jan 31My Soothsayer's ImpeachmentEmblems of the regal scorn

1998 Feb 4An Idyllic Situation Ruined By Reed-BuntingsThe best man is a tidy one,
1998 Feb 8Armpit DisciplineIce carved by cold hearts,
1998 Feb 9The Moon Promises My Friend an ApricotBind me to a broken bench
1998 Feb 10Thoughts of Poseidon's DaughterEdgily, along the pier
1998 Feb 10Type-cast TreacheryHow undone as would be seen to show
1998 Feb 15The swarthy Wellington-bootWhen nights draw in, and pubs resound with tales of Arthur's deeds
1998 Feb 17Borrowing TwilightCome, Luggage! There's a curious world I'm longing to explore
1998 Feb 18Unwholesome LodgingsThe opera-house, from half-past one
1998 Feb 19One Last Lobster Seeking Re-electionRide onwards, lads, a new-born day
1998 Feb 24Ancestral vestiges of tambourineShow me not your golden purse,
1998 Feb 24WHat Further Unsightly Turbulence Awaits Below?Carmelites! Before we know
1998 Feb 26Gossamer Binary CheesburgerPerhaps it was something I said,
1998 Feb 26If Shadows Could JestWhy is it so dark in the middle of this life?

1998 Mar 2All Aboard, Airhead!Wide eyed and innocent, she
1998 Mar 2Jesus pondering a delightful catachresisBeneath the tea tree sits the gnome,
1998 Mar 8Whether Lewinsky Swore (Wittgenstein's Homily)The unblessed stranger twisted forth,
1998 Mar 9No Parsley for Matilda's FruitcakeBy chance, are you going my way?
1998 Mar 11Nabobs and FrumpsOH! FEY! Cried the winged eel fingerling,
1998 Mar 13Arnold, WaitingSurely Godot should be here by now,
1998 Mar 15Caramel Cribbage-BoardKeeping pace on cobbled lanes,
1998 Mar 16Z's Bequest (The Gamut)'A' was an Arctic Abacus
1998 Mar 17Only Ingrid Soothes This EyeballYour cobwebs (your cosmetics)
1998 Mar 17Nocturne by Insectlike Co-authorsTimely teal creeps
1998 Mar 18Homer, Art Thou Heat and Lightness?Before the dawn, the darkest hour
***1998 Mar 20Whiskers of AnonymityKeep your vigil - face the facts
1998 Mar 21Zimmerman's Sour GrapesMy lamp-post charm, my seventh life
1998 Mar 22Prayer Wheel PokerCarpenter's, my only hope,
1998 Mar 23BunsAndante, my love, for we've hours a-plenty
1998 Mar 31Witness My Self-important BitumenWhen syrup happens to congeal
1998 Mar 31Beyond Homespun'It is with most intense regret

1998 Apr 3Reduplications overThis confirms
1998 Apr 19From Underneath Diana's ToastIts stuns me, like it stuns us all
1998 Apr 24Alice's Adventures in the Improbability PieAlice threw the looking-glass

1998 May 2Inexpensive Shakespearian BlancmangeFor Macbeth it were done quickly,
1998 May 2Kate's Gruttock ImpalerIn times of stress I like to scratch my foot
1998 May 2Once We Devoured MagmaAt last I have the chance to spread my wings and versify
1998 May 2The "Don't Bother Me" ParadoxShe came at dawn and slit my throat
1998 May 4Majestically BehavioralThe bilious fishwife was covered in stew,
1998 May 9Benedict the Monstrous ToadstoolBehind each King or potentate
1998 May 14Frugal the FrogBehold the frugal cactus
1998 May 17Putresco's WonderingCartwheels begone! From shattered climes
***1998 May 30Confusion Excuses This Apparently Plotless FiascoThe night this narrative began

1998 Jun 1Raskolnikov's FallenIf night should fall before the deed is done
1998 Jun 3Nine Beatles Glimpsing SalvationThere was, perhaps, a waving arm,
1998 Jun 7Marching with Redemption BalloonsLike spoons they lie, a front to back,
1998 Jun 7The mystified Walrus constructionUnpredictable grammar,
1998 Jun 8Sausages in StrangenessA man in blackface wandered into the hall
1998 Jun 10One Daren't Expect MoreThe night we rode, the path we trod, we knew how it would end
1998 Jun 21Protracted, Dreamlike, Hermetic, Peculiar, HelplessIt may have been a Tuesday - the bus was late again
1998 Jun 23Scouting for MiceStupidity, my carapace
1998 Jun 30Bedazzled by Our Daphne's PebbledashFlying at thirty-eight times the speed of sound
1998 Jun 30My funicular cutlets, redeemedThe Green Joy made the Queen wet with dew

1998 Jul 4Cheeseboard DuskThe Books of Heaven opened, the pages to their destinations flying!
***1998 Jul 20At First Simply GuessingThere was a young lady fron Dar-es-Salaam
1998 Jul 21Behind Every Grimacing Badger...Kropotkin claimed that all he saw
1998 Jul 27Neugierig, oder?der Reim lernt eine neue Sprache

1998 Aug 1Who Once was Orson's VampireJudge this breakfast lightly
***1998 Aug 7Theory Comes LaterOne: a sponge, of medium girth
1998 Aug 10Beyond Anatomical PossibilitiesIf, halfway down the basement stairs,
1998 Aug 12We Build, The Planes ComeUnbroken, unending, the wine-darkened sea

1998 Sep 4Romeo's Last Reward (Exodus)The note bore the crest of nobility,
1998 Sep 19Epitaph for the Ninth Night ShiftA snowman, weaned on Castor Oil
1998 Sep 27Ode to the Laughter of my PancreasWho can fathom the rat's cunning ways?
1998 Sep 29Bliss on CuspHe met her in a French cafe...
1998 Sep 30One-note Symphony on the Sudden RevolutionFrom where will the words come?
1998 Sep 30Shirley's Dancing Socks (or Ellen's)Socks! My red socks,

1998 Oct 3Shakespeare's apparent homily diverts the Thames ferry-menLay thee at my rump, thou contumelious sot
1998 Oct 5Unfamiliar Hair-brushes GurgleClothing for the absent mind
***1998 Oct 22Propose The ImpossibleJemima: take this catapult
1998 Oct 24Caroline Rembrandt Remembered BackwardsBuckets of mud and acres of slime are all that I need

1998 Nov 18Marrying KineIn this ballet, cochineal
***1998 Nov 21Stale Toffees Know NothingHis feet are larger than the sea
1998 Nov 23Coat-Hanger EquityScorn these still-born architects
1998 Nov 25Pandora's Boxing-gloveI never tire of asking
1998 Nov 26The Labyrinthine CityCanterbury? No, it does

1998 Dec 1Outlet-valve in preparationIf spring does not come
1998 Dec 2My Bahnhof GodparentCarve this thought upon the bark
1998 Dec 7These honeycombed facesMarmaduke was searching for the never-ending flute
1998 Dec 11Puberty with CheeseburgerOf course
1998 Dec 11Ambush Every ClosureWhat an opportunity, what a sheer delight!
1998 Dec 13One More LandscapeTo renovate the galaxy
1998 Dec 16Spray-on Orkney SweaterIn the winter's brutal smile

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