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A Golden Treasury of Collaborative Verse, 1996–2007

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Poems completed in 1997


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1997 Jan 3Chutney, the Ragtime CrabI sighed for the feel of formica
1997 Jan 3Hoisting Eyeball ThreeWe were always in her debt
1997 Jan 4My Favorite Plunderings'Twas a frothy foam upon the wake
1997 Jan 12My Ingot BalloonTranslations of ancient words,
1997 Jan 12Tomorrow Hardly TryingAbove the burning snow
1997 Jan 18Arizona's Coptic RimeYour fossil terrorised our clan
***1997 Jan 19Eldred's glum, glum spleenThe dictionary was far from green
1997 Jan 22Seemly OnionsA beast with two backs
1997 Jan 24The Uneasiness Of MotivesThey also serve who wait there to return
***1997 Jan 24Not Enough SodiumTransubstantiation
1997 Jan 26Whipped Blood Pudding RegretsI never met a sailor who could sing
1997 Jan 30Although My Testament Lies SteamingThe price of penance is the soul,
1997 Jan 31Diagnostic EncomiumOh! How I hate his leaking bladder!

1997 Feb 2Hanging (Tidal)Key of diamonds, tempest
1997 Feb 6Aphorisms for Unseen SwineA kiss and a cuddle
1997 Feb 8The Cherry ChallengeWoodworm! Spare that tray
1997 Feb 12Almost After ForgottenSleepless wretched pacing, red-rivered eyes - glazed, gazing
***1997 Feb 13The QuestionIn front of a crowd of reliable hens
1997 Feb 16Modish QualmsI name this dead wasp 'Halitosis'
1997 Feb 17ArtlessArt serves to remind us all,
***1997 Feb 19Invisible Sandwiches - The Tiresome BeginningsShe found the smoothest stone,
***1997 Feb 21Dreaming of a Swamp and the Holy RiverAs we starve in our secret Alaskas
1997 Feb 23False Memories of a Papal FailureI blench to acknowledge my failure
1997 Feb 24Insensible BlandishmentsAsk anyone about my woes,
1997 Feb 28More Paraffin for my PerpetualApprenticeThe sun and moon kiss in the light of day

1997 Mar 2Territorial Seas RevisitedNo, Man IS an island
1997 Mar 2Swooping Ono DelightThis is an ode to all things past,
1997 Mar 5Maya's Misty Watercolor BluesAs Maya turned the page
1997 Mar 10Your Strict Horses Inhibit My Double RepetitionIt was something to do with marmalade
1997 Mar 10Perpetual Nestled TeacupsIt's not my cup of tea
1997 Mar 10Proposition (The Metaphysical Routine)The end of the day is not the start of the night
1997 Mar 11Saint Nincompoop's AplombI remember, I remember when verses used to scan
1997 Mar 13A Token for PartingThe filing cabinet, the filing cabinet
1997 Mar 15The Mushroom AntipopeHis terror of fruit was a virtue
1997 Mar 18Albert Questions The Benighted CauliflowerWhat tremor racks my boneless foot?
1997 Mar 22Orderly Insects Are ForecastSmall birds
1997 Mar 23Lemur Song UnsungFrom leprechaun to Lancer
1997 Mar 23Upon Losing Worlds Of AzureA summer's day, there comes an errant knight
1997 Mar 24Obelisk: ConfusionThat karaoke chaos
1997 Mar 25My Gallic Endorsements'I wonder', mused the conqueror, 'why lemons seldom sing'
1997 Mar 30Lifeless ShedsWe were down to obsolete zero

1997 Apr 6Regarding Mr SlickChiropracters, anarchists, and sheep
1997 Apr 1023 Babies In Maritime TrystTwo doggerels, whelped in one litter
1997 Apr 15Bathroom PsychodramaPale in her Siamese twin-set
1997 Apr 15Horse-Face Shrike In Lonely DialogueBy leaving no margin for error
1997 Apr 17Toxic Fishpudding BluesBlue notes pour from the sax in the corner
1997 Apr 26It Isn't Often OatmealIn his book, 'The Uranium Fanfare',
1997 Apr 26Apocope-0ReticuleIn my outhouse, far from Tunis
1997 Apr 26Trans-Atlantic Plagiarism, And The Combustible AlibiTwo doggerels, whelped in one litter
1997 Apr 26Harry In The Blue Toast-RackHail! Hale-Bopp and roll upon your starry roundelay
1997 Apr 29Tapioca MouthwashOutrage at the orthodox
***1997 Apr 30Ovaltine Cannot Age My KittenCracked, but half asleep

1997 May 4When Spoons CollideThe outskirts of Odessa
1997 May 12The Implacable SyphonThe shadow cabinet-maker
1997 May 18A Snail Keeps ShopA Case of Riotous Block
1997 May 21Unrealistic CoconutsMerry munchkins mangle macaroons on Mondays
***1997 May 22One Smug Portillo, Timely ForgottenThese low and oily charmers
1997 May 28The Eagle FallenOctopus, the raven-haired
1997 May 29Devout Epic On A Tiresome ChampionHow ponderous, how ponderous
1997 May 31How Met By LegionYou call yourself a Yeti

1997 Jun 7Saffron, SaffronI've seen the skull beneath the scone
1997 Jun 7Fifteen Oblique WhiskersA table of kinship for all the world's cats
1997 Jun 9Carbon Pump CityThe never-ending cycle of the wars 'twixt good and ill
1997 Jun 14South Margin Closed, AlwaysEvery thing hath a beginning
1997 Jun 17Hiding Like A Hun (Portia's Lament)Here comes the knight, mail clad, through the border
1997 Jun 28Mudwoman, repent!Life for a girl is a sensual map
1997 Jun 28Why Force Can Rescue FollyFeeling queasy, turning green
1997 Jun 28Cry the Narcotic LaundryI dreamed a quaint equation

1997 Jul 7On Knowing Little TessHer hair falls short of a pageboy's crop
1997 Jul 9One Last LaterBetrayed! The voyeur's curtain
1997 Jul 13Fetch Away Fish!Yellowing leaves frame a watery sky
1997 Jul 23Mind My Forgotten PuddleduckThis overbearing convoy
1997 Jul 27What is Golden?The curlew trolls to Nell of darkling hay
1997 Jul 30Surplus PenguinsBurn my Waiting-List

1997 Aug 15Gloucestershire My Undiscovered ChildHis elbow never faltered
1997 Aug 15Negligee VectorThe man who vilifies my tent
1997 Aug 18Whoever timely looksI've eaten all the Urals
1997 Aug 29Never Once Promising To Underestimate BunsOver the choppy leather line
1997 Aug 29Your Gerbils, My HotelierBefore I sensed this vacuum

1997 Sep 2Mozart once wrote the longest andleastenjoyable limerick ever to darken anthologiesof versificationDomestic bliss
1997 Sep 8Can poignant rubbish be reliable?This is the way the lady rides
1997 Sep 10Highgate HopefulAs we crested the brow of the ultimate hill
1997 Sep 14Lockjaw ImminentDead as any dodo
1997 Sep 15One moonbeam, undercookedThree drops of cactus-water
1997 Sep 15What if the Princess Can Seem Sentient Without Dissembling?Cardboard
1997 Sep 18The Pan Holds Mixed CroutonsThe doctrine of a shining spoon
1997 Sep 20A Toasted Budgie in my LaxativeThis extra leg's a bother
1997 Sep 20Echoes Echoes, WithoutBy 'Custody' I do not mean
***1997 Sep 26Who Causes Jetsam?Gulls feed the sky
1997 Sep 27Ornamental William Golding Glimmmers in VoidPretty, pretty hermit

1997 Oct 7Yes, LongerNow the tyrant knows the truth
1997 Oct 11Reasonable Crimes Of TarpaulinTribal animosity
1997 Oct 28The One Incorruptible Servomechanism (The Princes' Mile)Fancy Wills and Harry,
1997 Oct 31Possible Idolaters in a Black ThroatIn all my vast concerns
1997 Oct 31Finally, the Revelation that Armpits aren't NecessaryThe twenty-first of Autumn

1997 Nov 4A Particularly Contemporary ProcedureParticularly pleasing was the scent of new-mown hay
1997 Nov 6Michaelangelo's Lewd Little BrotherFrequently, my brother speaks
1997 Nov 22"Tomorrowismybirthday" cried Katharine's WeddingPile a hailstone on a hailstone
***1997 Nov 25Alice's Peculiar RevengeAlice frowned; all around, leaves were falling to the ground
1997 Nov 28Clustering (Algorithm Played on a Gumby)Between the barns, half-buried
1997 Nov 29Requisite TragedyChristopher Robin was captured by those

1997 Dec 9Breakfasting TraditionallyAn arbitrary asp might say,
***1997 Dec 9The Alchemist's CrusadeIf all the world were turpentine
1997 Dec 12But Actually...Although you're tall, and gifted
1997 Dec 14Of Struggling Poets and Pious DaysA ghastly mismeasure of woman,
1997 Dec 14Promising A Macrocosmic DisasterIf Dusseldorf were Dusseldorf
1997 Dec 16It's Entirely God's BusinessEleven, six or eight
1997 Dec 17The Hopeless Love ClientsOne Phoenix, hankering for love
1997 Dec 19Therapeutic HeresiesIn the field, no break of day
1997 Dec 21The Bethlehem MagnetometerWhen skies are grey, the darkest thought
***1997 Dec 28Swimming While DrownedWho were the Bewlay Sisters

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