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A Golden Treasury of Collaborative Verse, 1996–2007

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Poems completed in 1996


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1996 Jun 1This Gastronomical HeadboardI have it in mind to purchase a pie

1996 Jul 1Voluntary PithBarquentine of Arkansas, the dismal oaf here,

1996 Sep 5Undeniably AwashZernebock howls.

1996 Nov 1Cost-effective StarlightThere is room for two legs in my trousers
1996 Nov 1Jail-mouth SlimeAt the risk of sounding spiteful, I shall tell you what I think
1996 Nov 12Blow-torch ConquestsNeither of the archetypes was very much in vogue
1996 Nov 28FrissonWhat I say is seldom what I mean,

1996 Dec 8Yellow Paris HagsSt Vitus, in his winter robe
1996 Dec 10Shakespearean TemptationFourteen tubes of toothpaste mark my grave
1996 Dec 15Soar, churlish repetiteur!Day breaks like a condor's egg
***1996 Dec 16Hectoring tripeEnough of your brutal evasions!
1996 Dec 16More Heretical BombastAt Hampton Wick
1996 Dec 24The Furnishing Witches, or Lucy's Festive WagerWit of pig and limb of bat
***1996 Dec 26Misadventures Without MisconductThe travails of my giroscope
1996 Dec 27The Lilliputan Comb'"Inertia"? What a charming name!'

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