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***1996 Dec 16Hectoring tripeEnough of your brutal evasions!
***1996 Dec 26Misadventures Without MisconductThe travails of my giroscope
***1997 Apr 30Ovaltine Cannot Age My KittenCracked, but half asleep
***1997 Dec 28Swimming While DrownedWho were the Bewlay Sisters
***1997 Dec 9The Alchemist's CrusadeIf all the world were turpentine
***1997 Feb 13The QuestionIn front of a crowd of reliable hens
***1997 Feb 19Invisible Sandwiches - The Tiresome BeginningsShe found the smoothest stone,
***1997 Feb 21Dreaming of a Swamp and the Holy RiverAs we starve in our secret Alaskas
***1997 Jan 19Eldred's glum, glum spleenThe dictionary was far from green
***1997 Jan 24Not Enough SodiumTransubstantiation
***1997 May 22One Smug Portillo, Timely ForgottenThese low and oily charmers
***1997 Nov 25Alice's Peculiar RevengeAlice frowned; all around, leaves were falling to the ground
***1997 Sep 26Who Causes Jetsam?Gulls feed the sky
***1998 Aug 7Theory Comes LaterOne: a sponge, of medium girth
***1998 Jan 4The Throat EffectGorgonzola partridge
***1998 Jul 20At First Simply GuessingThere was a young lady fron Dar-es-Salaam
***1998 Mar 20Whiskers of AnonymityKeep your vigil - face the facts
***1998 May 30Confusion Excuses This Apparently Plotless FiascoThe night this narrative began
***1998 Nov 21Stale Toffees Know NothingHis feet are larger than the sea
***1998 Oct 22Propose The ImpossibleJemima: take this catapult
***1999 Aug 17Deathrow Welshmen Sometimes TickHas time stopped?
***1999 Aug 4QuiteWhy, oh why, oh why, oh why?
***1999 Dec 1Stacy's Fading CardiganThe autumn leaves
***1999 Dec 24You'll be a Laughing-stock TomorrowAt this festive, glowing season
***1999 Feb 9The Lewd Mouths SquealCarnivores, despite the laws
***1999 Jan 18When We Reconsider All Our FootstepsMy grandmother told me on one grand occasion
***1999 Jan 21Only Transient SheepHiatus and Hibiscus are the names of my two sheep
***1999 Mar 20The Ballad of Archibald SidewaysThe Ballad of Archibald Sideways
***1999 Nov 1Over-baked blossomNow listen, please. I've brought you here
***1999 Oct 16The Knight who Rode a Goat to BarcelonaBefore the porcupine descends
***2000 Apr 10Round/ArabesqueDo not cry, my darling, do not cry
***2000 Feb 13The Minotaur's Preserved TearsFrugal the frog
***2000 Feb 14SonnetIf the prophets who foretell my life
***2000 Feb 27Rash Wednesday On The Grim ReeperbahnGive me a whirl on the trampoline dull
***2000 Jan 18A Behavioural ThesisYou giants! You, who from this crag
***2000 Jan 30Big CustardWarm in nutritious mulch, we germinate,
***2000 Jan 31Adam's Ballooning ErrorWhatever happened to darling Denise?
***2000 Mar 20Discredited in BirminghamYour bland mosaics, weak and pale
***2000 Mar 31Uncle Helium Meets His MakerHe was born at a quarter to three
***2000 Oct 3World One HundredIf a man shall lack a shoe
***2001 Aug 12Noah often said that it was lucky to stick herrings to treesThe rain poured down; the waters rose,
***2001 Jan 7Fashionable, The Unseemly LexicographerThere is, I've heard, an organist, who plays at half past three
***2001 Mar 22Father, Forgive Our CarpentryThe practice of law is a terminal bore
***2001 Nov 21Who Will Seldom Live Unseen?Invitation, contradiction, punctuation, wedded bliss
***2002 Jul 24The Mark of Uncertainty (Improbable Thumbprint)If you can hold a tune, when all around
***2002 Nov 15Civic Pyjamas AkimboWhile editing the alphabet
***2003 Jun 21Theory of Everything on TapLucinda' big sister chowed down on plutonium
***2003 Nov 14Recycling GenesisIn the beginning Bob created the woman and the beer
***2003 Nov 27Misplaced DevotionFollow the players all over the globe
***2003 Oct 20Dignity for Sixty Six Possible Consonants'Twas on the 8th of August that the taxman came to call
***2004 Jul 2Domestic MeltdownThe problem is easy to see
***2004 Jun 1Wordsworth's IntentionOn viewing Chloe's coccyx
***2004 Mar 8A Mile Beyond The World May Be A MaidenCongealing in a fusty box
***2004 May 18Calling For A Funicular Tramway ServiceWhile strutting through the quicksand
***2004 May 21Seven Seasons In RedWas it for this that I sold all my children?
***2004 May 25Rubbish-tip TopThe moving pencil writes and, having writ, it breaks
***2004 Sep 16Satanists With No Desire For Pontifical StripesI bought a thing on ebay
***2005 Jan 11Welcome To DarciDelightful news! An heiress to the line
***2005 Jan 17Grey From Top To TowpathUpon the next-to-shortest day
***2006 Mar 9NB: In MemoriamThe blackest of shields by the light of the moon
***2006 May 30Phoenix, BoredIs no-one here to waken me?