Everywhere splinters, cracked and burnt
Everywhere spinsters, widows and orphans,
Icicles, gaping frames, large voids
Crumbling walls and doors unhinged
Much crying and few helpers
Much dying and who's to blame?
Everywhere holes, corks all popped
Nothing left whole, but all in shards
Nerves snapped off, the stars a joke
All is broken all a shambles
Much crying and no helpers
Everybody helpless, even he who is to blame.
Everywhere light, yet darkness engulfs me
Everyone's sight extracted at a blast
Crashing down from broken windows
Crashing in through shattered walls
Much crying - they cried their eyes out

The factory hooter sounds! Brothers gather round I say!
Let the miner's council congregate, the culprit must be found
Who stole the Bombs? We shall find him out today!
Let the searching never cease until we've run him to the ground
Far below the ground, let him grovel in the dung
Let him pay us back for his unspeakable pollution
Blind among his colleagues let him grope from rung to rung
Let us now announce to all our formal resolution: