My auntie said "Now go to bed"
As I have shown you how
My uncles cried "And this beside
Will milk the long lost sheep
And break the longbent bough.
There's but one secret I can keep
There's but one field to plough!

Now prudence seems to fill my dreams
As Prudence fills my house
And as I wept they all three slept
Just like a little child
With tears about to dowse
The halfbred kitten running mild
The hale and hearty mouse

The alehouse is on my mind
Blow, blow though winter wind!

The chimneysweep is fast asleep
The flue around him crumbles
In patterns rare, his wavy hair
About his shoulder twining
Like any wife who grumbles
In sad distraction pining
She almost always mumbles.

The whorehouse is on my brain
I think I'm going sane!