My family tree grows in the yard
Of aught but bark bereft
It indicates a winter hard
And 10' drifts of "dreft"

The family cat hangs on the wall
But whips up no support
The buttress seems about to fall
Bereft of aught but aught

The mineshaft whistle blows a peal
It's Christmas in the town
I wonder if my plight is real
My spirit's sinking down

My families know not my trick
They see with single eye
The prowess of my mighty brick
Which built a battlement so thick
It nearly touched the pie.

But earthquakes sunder all we do
And bring our works to dust
And how am I to sate my true
And everloving, selfless Prue
's extremely violent lust?

I must go down to the pits again to the coal face far below
What I am doing down there, one man will never know
I'm breaking down the coalface into blocks of TNT
I'm firing back; in time to come, you'll all have heard of me
I'll blow them all to kingdom come; I never shall be free.