The second machinist along from the left
Works nights while I'm working by day
And he's taller and smarter than me
And handsome as handsome can be
And I've a suspicion he spends all his pay
On stealing my wife's heart away
I'm bereft

While I'm toiling hard he cavorts with my Prue
When she isn't at work on the buses
And when I'm with her, he's with Sal
(My first wife, a volatile gal)
He knows them too well, the unspeakable hussies
And each of them faddishly fusses
What's to do?

He's learning to drive them, those buses so big
His purpose I dare not enquire
Although I have reason to think
That he's noticed I've taken to drink
That scurrilous man, he may veer, moved by ire
I'll have my revenge, very dire
On the pig.

I'll blow him skyhigh
My TNT horde
Will show him that I
Must not be ignored.