The Spoonbill Generator

They Taught Pointless Rules

Onto Oban, with a snail,       [Apsley]

although you have a tale       [Anon.]

Once penned by A. T. Smail       [Apsley]

In the iceberg, carve a hole       [Chevalier]

To show that you are hale,       [Apsley]

Albeit on the dole       [Chevalier]

By Loch Awe, recite a dirge       [Apsley]

Ere your mortal sin you purge       [Chevalier]

With some soulful caustic splurge       [Apsley]

In the ocean, cast a stone       [Chevalier]

That the soul may urge       [Apsley]

Sinners to atone       [Chevalier]

Contributors: Apsley, Anon., Chevalier, Roland, cools, Surlaw, daka.
Poem finished: 19th March 2007 by Apsley.