The Spoonbill Generator

He See Nothing With Relish

The price of dodging RSI       [loaf]

Is fiting RSJs       [Apsley]

But he who'd dodge his VAT       [Chevalier]

Pays IHT instead       [Apsley]

And, verily, the CIA       [F]

Is not the FBI,       [Apsley]

But TLAs are NBG       [Chevalier]

They've stenciled on my BVDs       [F]

Around the world with P & O       [Chevalier]

And a pack of L&Ms       [F]

With clothes we bought at C & A       [Chevalier]

And food from A&P       [F]

We'll stuff our cheeks with M & Ms       [Chevalier]

Bought from the CID       [Apsley]

Engage in taboo PDA       [Barrymores Ghost]

Lest it descend to S&M       [Anon.]

His high IQ went MIA       [Barrymores Ghost]

They sent for MI5       [Chevalier]

The VIP is SOL       [Barrymore's Ghost]

While lacking ESP       [asdf]

But having PMS, you see       [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

I'll call you SOB       [Chevalier]

But I'll always treat you with TLC       [TLC]

If you RSVP       [Chevalier]

Should I win AHOYA       [Barrymore's Ghost]

I'll visit NYC       [Chevalier]

To toast with B&B       [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

My two-ton MPV       [p]

Through lens of LSD       [Chevalier]

Oh!--confetti of P&L's!       [Gene van Troyer]

Commences my bout of R&R       [Rfwoolf]

On the links at the R & A       [Chevalier]

Contributors: loaf, Apsley, Chevalier, F, Barrymore's Ghost, Anon., asdf, Kevin Andrew Murphy, TLC, Gene van Troyer, Rfwoolf, olaf.
Poem finished: 17th December 2006 by olaf.