The Spoonbill Generator

Showmen, Their Regrettable Legend

Tonsils made of plastic       [Apsley]

Belied the so-called "Man of Steel"       [asdf]

Testes gone a'spastic       [Barrymore's Ghost]

Belied that "mild-mannered" spiel       [asdf]

Tongue of raw asbestos       [loaf]

Bespoke the fires that burned within       [Chevalier]

Teeth as coarse as Festus       [asdf]

Bespoke a taste for "mortal sin"       [Chevalier]

Torso wrought from tungsten       [loaf]

encased the fire within       [fire]

Contributors: Apsley, asdf, Barrymore's Ghost, loaf, Chevalier, fire, F.
Poem finished: 7th September 2006 by F.