The Spoonbill Generator

Elixirs Of Godknows What

I took a sip. I didn't know       [will h]

That you had mixed in cookie dough       [F]

It wasn't bad. I added gin.       [will h]

Then served it to your next of kin       [F]

Who shed a tear. 'Twas plain to see       [Chevalier]

That Gouda still it lacked - and Brie       [Kansas Sam]

As well as oyster crackers and       [F]

A dash of Liquid Plumber brand       [Kansas Sam]

Vermouth and pepper, too, I thought       [F]

Should make it sassy, make it hot!       [will h]

It started then to foam and smoke       [F]

Atop the stove. Then someone spoke       [Chevalier]

"Perhaps a touch of Triple Sec?"       [F]

Then came the answer: "What the heck!"       [Chevalier]

"Now stir, don't shake," said Mr. Bond       [F]

(Of whom we are extremely fond)       [Chevalier]

He dipped his tongue into the mix       [F]

And dropped down dead. At ten to six       [Chevalier]

We poured it down the drain, alas       [F]

It formed a awful, smelly mass       [Nym]

"Let's try again," said Uncle Bill       [F]

But who knows if we really will?       [Chevalier]

Contributors: will h, F, Chevalier, Kansas Sam, Nym.
Poem finished: 12th May 2006 by will h.