The Spoonbill Generator

Incoherence Everywhere Discovered Anew

The horror-shows of ancient Gaul       [Roland]

Can now be seen at Oak Park Mall       [Helen Owly]

By closing either eye       [Roland]

And giving out a sigh       [Apsley]

To show the passers-by       [Beefy]

The stout, the stunted and the tall       [Roland]

The hootchy-kootchy shows of old Bombay       [Dassn\'t Say]

Can now be witnessed every Saturday       [Beefy]

By shutting down the mind       [Roland]

And if you aren't blind       [F]

You'll join the unrefined       [Roland]

Stumbling, bumbling every which way       [F]

The half-unveilèd shows of old Siam       [TG]

Can now be seen 'twixt spiels of Victor Kiam       [Kansas Sam]

By dropping LSD       [F]

And keeping company       [KD]

With those who choose to see       [Beefy]

If Asian girls can sing "How Dry I Am".       [Will H]

The haunting lyric shows that Old King Cole       [Beefy]

Was just a dosser on the dole       [Big Andy]

Who lived life on the fiddle       [Beefy]

Whispering, 'Hey diddle, diddle,'       [will h]

And solving every riddle       [Beefy]

Raised by shots heard from the grassy knoll       [Helen Owly]

Contributors: Roland, Helen Owly, Apsley, Beefy, Dassn't Say, F, TG, Kansas Sam, KD, Will H, Big Andy, will h.
Poem finished: 23rd March 2005 by Roland.