The Spoonbill Generator

All Things Can Be Overturned In Time

Join the dance, you naiads all,       [Apsley]

'Til all lagoons are frozen       [Roland]

Until dusk's leaden shadows fall       [Beefy]

And make us put our cloze on       [Roland]

Until then we'll have a ball       [F]

The Captain, Cox and Boatswain       [Roland]

We'll all be do-si-dos'n       [Beefy]

Join the feast, you satyrs all,       [Beefy]

'Til every gut is sated       [Roland]

And then we'll make an obscene call       [F]

To folk unjustly fêted       [Roland]

But first let's hang out in the mall       [F]

In garb obscure and dated       [Beefy]

Envoi       [(trad)]

Dance and feast, tear up the rug       [F]

And smash the smug       [Roland]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Beefy, F, (trad).
Poem finished: 24th November 2004 by F.