The Spoonbill Generator

Not Allowed In Our Picnics

A tide of rash assumptions       [Roland]

Threatens to overwhelm       [Beefy]

The regular retainer       [Roland]

At the lower helm       [Apsley]

How is he to manage       [Roland]

Why should he even care       [F]

If snowmen go to blazes       [Roland]

And sirens loudly blare       [F]

And flashbulbs full of glory       [Roland]

And quasars faint as love       [F]

Can never really make up for       [Beefy]

Pandora's boxing-glove       [Roland]

A risk of tidal suction       [Beefy]

Purports to entertain       [Roland]

The captain and the ratings       [Apsley]

On the briny main       [Roland]

Who is he to linger       [asdf]

When the crow's nest falls       [Roland]

On the boatswain's finger       [Apsley]

Or the First Mate's balls       [Dassn\'t Say]

Despite the curtain-calls?       [Apsley]

For where there is a swelling       [fester]

Ambulances fear to tread       [Apsley]

For fear of fortune telling       [asdf]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, Apsley, F, asdf, Dassn't Say, fester.
Poem finished: 8th October 2004 by Roland.