The Spoonbill Generator

We Penguins Have Closed Supper Clubs Forever

An escapee from sanity: that's me       [N]

And one who once intended to remain       [Roland]

Surburban bliss, a goodnight kiss, but this       [N]

Perplexes       [Roland]

Vexes       [N]

In several ways that paralyse the brain       [Roland]

A seeker of enlightenment: that's me       [Beefy]

Albeit one whose eyes, forever closed       [Roland]

In seeming sleep, hide thoughts most deep, and keep       [Beefy]

Reversing       [Roland]

Rehearsing       [Beefy]

Until the lie of reason is exposed       [N]

Envoi       [(trad)]

Kafka had it right. Or was he wrong?       [F]

Can we flee from whence we all belong?       [N]

Or listen raptly to a madman's song?       [F]

Contributors: N, Roland, Beefy, (trad), F.
Poem finished: 27th August 2004 by N.