The Spoonbill Generator

Snow Without Distinction

From the swirling coffee-grounds       [Roland ]

Of infinity       [TG ]

From the rolling burial-mounds       [Roland ]

Of the ocean       [TG ]

Silent cries that separate       [Roland ]

Yin from Yang       [TG ]

Black from white; and decorate       [Roland ]

The heavens       [TG ]

Let us now set sail       [Roland ]

To the gleaming prayer-wheels       [TG ]

Of antipathy       [Roland ]

To the steaming ready-meals       [TG ]

Of emotion       [Roland ]

Joyous cries of expectation       [TG ]

Cell-doors clang       [trad ]

To offer hope of liberation       [TG ]

Eleven's       [Roland ]

The number of our tale       [TG ]

Contributors: Roland, TG.
Poem finished: 13th April 2007 by trad.