The Spoonbill Generator

Little Claimed

Cakes of soap, or cheese with cake,       [Apsley ]

It little matters which       [Margaret River ]

Of either I would fain partake       [Chevalier ]

For my or someone else's sake       [P ]

To stop the nether itch       [Apsley ]

Hands of light, or heavy hands       [Al Bany ]

I could not give a jot       [Chevalier ]

For all the silky sunny sands       [Apsley ]

That scour my now unhealthy glands       [Ethetran ]

Aboard this sinking yacht       [olaf ]

And so with lamb, or else with beef       [Ethetran ]

We set a thief to catch a thief       [olaf ]

Contributors: Apsley, Margaret River, Chevalier, P.
Poem finished: 12th April 2007 by (Apsley).