The Spoonbill Generator

Three Blonde Mice

Off to other hemispheres       [Roland ]

In search of Baby Jane       [Chevalier ]

Where Kevin keeps her free from tears       [Apsley ]

In storm or hurricane       [P. E. Nang ]

As best he can...       [Apsley ]

Drowned in unfamiliar tongues       [Koala Limpet ]

That flicker out like fire       [Apsley ]

From dismal depths of foreign lungs       [P Erth ]

An aboriginal choir       [Chevalier ]

Or African?       [Apsley ]

Tumultuous tides engulf her       [Ixchel ]

In others' dreams, perhaps       [Margaret River ]

With just the merest hint of sulphur       [Chevalier ]

From their Sleeping Caps       [Margaret River ]

At dark of night       [Chevalier ]

Beneath the mystifying moon       [P ]

The blue helicopter hovers       [shioka ]

We shall not hear the Loud Bassoon       [Margaret River ]

Play songs for star-cross'd lovers       [Chevalier ]

And those in flight       [P ]

Contributors: Roland, Chevalier, Apsley, P. E. Nang, Koala Limpet, P Erth, Ixchel, Margaret River, P, shioka.
Poem finished: 13th April 2007 by Ixchel.