The Spoonbill Generator

That Final Catheter

Why not howl at Saturn?       [Surlaw ]

Why not sin on Mars?       [Apsley ]

Death's recurring pattern       [Surlaw ]

Only subtly jars       [Apsley ]

One who reminisces       [Surlaw ]

With a pint in hand       [Apsley ]

One who then dismisses       [olaf ]

Servants from within       [Apsley ]

Spurns a travelling-pin       [Surlaw ]

Hurling filth at Neptune?       [Apsley ]

Ordures at the Sun?       [Surlaw ]

Life's recurring pep-tune       [Apsley ]

Ends its final run       [Surlaw ]

For those reminiscing       [Apsley ]

With a keg of lard       [Surlaw ]

Those who now dismissing       [Apsley ]

Memories unscarred       [Surlaw ]

Find the ruins barred       [Apsley ]

Spitting at Uranus?       [Surlaw ]

Dancing wild on Venus?       [Apsley ]

Purgatory's heinous       [Surlaw ]

For those who mean us       [Apsley ]

Or our reminiscence       [olaf ]

With a swollen hand       [Apsley ]

Cuff our concupiscence       [Surlaw ]

To the nether drawer       [Apsley ]

Quoth the Astrowhore.       [Surlaw ]

Planets, moons, and stars       [Apsley ]

They are all Papa's       [Surlaw ]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley, olaf.
Poem finished: 17th March 2007 by Apsley.