The Spoonbill Generator

Never Meant to Harm

A nasturtium, rambling fine and crunchy,       [Apsley ]

Positioned with its back against the door       [olaf ]

And tendrils that always made me munchy       [Apsley ]

Would always leave my father wanting more       [Chevalier ]

And even more       [Apsley ]

An acrobat, tumbling loose and agile,       [Chevalier ]

Decided once for all to fight the 'flu'       [Apsley ]

The treatment would leave him feeling fragile       [Chevalier ]

But might not help him find the real you       [Apsley ]

Not even you       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: Apsley, olaf, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 9th March 2007 by Apsley.