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Before More Nuns Knew Lisaveta Pilchard

Tirades against The Steady State       [Apsley ]

Are etched on spheres of wax       [olaf ]

And constitute A State of Grace       [Apsley ]

Immune to all attacks       [olaf ]

That, rightly, Man might instigate       [Apsley ]

When Vacuum led the rout       [olaf ]

To elevate another race       [Apsley ]

By turn and turn about       [olaf ]

Hoyle knew best his partial view       [Apsley ]

Was choked with cosmic dust       [olaf ]

From all the comets hereabune       [Apsley ]

Yet he remained non-plussed:       [olaf ]

For, rightly, he was in a spin,       [Apsley ]

In thrall to Neptune's glare       [olaf ]

And gave his (mostly valued) pin       [Apsley ]

To cushion our despair       [olaf ]

As Milton told another tale,       [Apsley ]

With Lilith at its heart       [olaf ]

And breadth to make its author faint,       [Apsley ]

And make its reader smart       [olaf ]

That, rightly, he might imitate       [Apsley ]

In accents rich and rare       [olaf ]

The tender movements of all grace       [Apsley ]

That are not witnessed there       [olaf ]

So Milton God to Man did shew -       [Apsley ]

Until his sight gave way       [olaf ]

And led him where the columns go       [Apsley ]

And asses' jawbones bray       [olaf ]

A tune of love, divine and not,       [Apsley ]

Defying human ear       [olaf ]

And giving many, for the nonce,       [Apsley ]

No hint of an idea       [Surlaw ]

So Hoyle, bereft of half his wits,       [Apsley ]

And lacking all the rest       [olaf ]

Compares his thoughts to cherry pits       [Chevalier ]

And heaps them on his breast       [Apsley ]

Like Newton with his apple-core       [olaf ]

In days before the Fall       [Chevalier ]

When TrinityŽ had plenty more       [Apsley ]

And Neo had it all       [olaf ]

Contributors: Apsley, olaf, Surlaw, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 1st March 2007 by Apsley.