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As to orientation I've begun a new Úlite       [(trad) ]

Ih which each pillow-hugging human grabs a light       [Apsley ]

Without betraying anyone connected to their feet       [olaf ]

Or adding to the sensuousness of our delight       [Apsley ]

But fear not, for aplenty virgins await those which       [Rfwoolf ]

have long arms & legs go twitch       [Nathan ]

Whatever, rightly understood, that might mean       [Apsley ]

Andy Kaufman died of a ruptured Spleen       [Nigel Sly ]

From whence the angry cucumbers fly,       [Angela ]

and a rat which vomits smoke and lye       [lythron ]

Into a cupboard crammed up with pi       [Apsley ]

Where we shall all go, by and by       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: (trad), Apsley, olaf, Rfwoolf, Nathan, Nigel Sly, Angela, lythron, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 26th February 2007 by Apsley.