The Spoonbill Generator

Clumps and Wisps

Orthodontists wrecked my life       [Apsley ]

While I vainly slept       [olaf ]

Put my teeth inside my wife       [Apsley ]

While our descendants wept       [olaf ]

With strain and strife       [Apsley ]

When the molars turned awry       [olaf ]

Hoban soundly slept       [Apsley ]

Dreaming of a subtle pie       [olaf ]

At which the leopards leapt       [Apsley ]

In Peckham Rye       [olaf ]

Thus the plot and moral's clear       [Apsley (or not) ]

Hist! thou Narcolept       [olaf ]

To what's said of seasoned beer       [Apsley ]

While our kinsfolk crept       [olaf ]

To strain a tear       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Apsley, olaf, Apsley (or not).
Poem finished: 15th February 2007 by olaf.