The Spoonbill Generator

This Famous Story of Spelling

Where do they go when they're ended       [loaf ]

Into the regenerative dark cave of the muse       [F ]

There to lie, mourned but unseen,       [Chevalier ]

So long as the winter continues       [loaf ]

And diners peruse cryptic menus       [F ]

Till their stomachs, by hunger distended,       [p ]

Cry out for an end to the queues       [Chevalier ]

Of ants on the march to the queen       [Gene van Troyer ]

this peom is so borin       [Anon. ]

--So that mana be acquired more swiftly       [Rfwoolf ]

Anon was fed to the hive for snorin       [Gene van Troyer ]

But where do they go when they're ended?       [Chevalier ]

Where do they go when they're ended       [Rfwoolf ]

Into the word factory for later citation       [Chevalier ]

Lying, perhaps, till some soul calls, "I hunger"       [Ket ]

Or fighting for emancipation       [Rfwoolf ]

Cries before the shot glass tumbles in       [Ket ]

And the vows that were broken are mended       [Chevalier ]

Together to make a verbal nation       [Rfwoolf ]

Devoid of a need for warmonger       [Chevalier ]

this peom is so lame       [Anon. ]

--So that prose may be corrupted more niftily       [Rfwoolf ]

Anon was consigned to a world of flame       [trad-ish ]

In the place they go when they're ended       [Rfwoolf ]

Contributors: loaf, F, Chevalier, p, Gene van Troyer, Anon., Rfwoolf, Ket, trad-ish.
Poem finished: 16th January 2007 by Chevalier.