The Spoonbill Generator

In Dreams of Counterfeited Harmony

They met at Domus Felix       [Liar ]

And shared a tattered kleenex       [F ]

In lieu of linen cloth       [Chevalier ]

Half-eaten by a moth       [F ]

And when they all went deaf       [Lou Beck ]

They daubed the treble clef       [Chevalier ]

With ink and onion dip       [F ]

On Franky's lower lip       [Tall Whoopie ]

Before they lost their reason       [Chevalier ]

And rhyme went out of season       [SN ]

They met at Maison d'Antoine       [F ]

And shared a plate of won ton       [Chevalier ]

In lieu of bouillabaisse       [F ]

And then held up the caisse       [Chevalier ]

And when they'd lined their purse       [Cocoa Channel ]

They went from bad to worse       [F ]

With shotgun and with knives       [Chevalier ]

And Franky's other wives       [loaf ]

They ransacked all the city       [Chevalier ]

The scene was far from pretty       [loaf ]

They parted in the Forum       [Chevalier ]

To meet again at Shoreham       [loaf ]

In lieu of Milwaukee       [F ]

Of Totnes or of Torquay       [loaf ]

They swore they'd meet again       [Chevalier ]

Don't know where, don't know when       [(trad) ]

But unlike Gary Cooper       [Grayman ]

Or Pam the Paratrooper       [loaf ]

They knew their plans were vain       [Chevalier ]

All thwarted by the sane       [olaf ]

Contributors: Liar, F, Chevalier, Lou Beck, Tall Whoopie, SN, Cocoa Channel, loaf, (trad), Grayman, olaf.
Poem finished: 5th January 2007 by Chevalier.