The Spoonbill Generator

Hidden Works

Just a hint of twilight       [Apsley ]

Seasons every pie       [Surlaw ]

And provides a highlight       [Apsley ]

In each blinkered eye       [Surlaw ]

Against the sky       [Apsley ]

Lysistrata beckons       [Surlaw ]

In a certain way       [Apsley ]

When the pilot reckons       [Surlaw ]

On a fine old day       [Apsley ]

To haul away       [Surlaw ]

In this dusty tombscape       [Apsley ]

Who shall swoon and spin?       [Surlaw ]

Who the virgin's womb scrape       [Apsley ]

Mining from within       [Surlaw ]

With holy sin       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw.
Poem finished: 15th December 2006 by Surlaw.